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Jason Abalos by the pool

Oh, oh, here’s another one – Jason Abalos dons a bikini and poses by the pool! So, finally the young actor who recently won a Best Actor from a critics’ group for his sensitive performance in the movie Endo, went sexy with the regulation swimming trunks.  Remember he declared one time in a magazine interview that he’ll go all-out sexy once his body is well-developed? I’m thinking, although the tall and lanky actor’s body is not yet “well-developed”, what the heck – it’s about time, really!
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  1. from what magazine is this? ito ba yung sa metro? where in Piolo is the cover RD? in fairness bakat bakatan si Jason dito ha, my ibubuga si Jason not only in acting but sexiness as well, napaka hairy ng legs nya, yummy ka Jason!

  2. RD, sana answer mo naman inquiry namin dito kung from what magazine ba itong mga pics na ito?? I have a feeling na the pic of Ejay Falcon and this one of Jason Abalos is from one magazine lang tama ba?? If anyone knows kung san ‘to galing inform nyo kami ha! Thanks!

  3. This is from the latest issue of Metro magazine,December-January 2009 issue with Papa Piolo Pascual on the cover.Available now!Only Php 130.00.

  4. These pictures of Jason, Ejay, and Baron are from Metro Magazine Dec-Jan 2009 issue, the one with a topless piolo on the cover.

  5. distorted ang tummy area sa pic… salamat photoshop itiz?????

    anyways bet ko tong si Jason. sa pictures di mashadong wafu, pero in person makalaglag panty talaga…

  6. anak din ba siya ni willie revillame? para siya kasing male version ni meryll sister yata niya

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