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Rayver Cruz gets noticed

Methinks Rayver Cruz has a lot of potential in showbiz once he stops trying to be consciously cute.  He is tall and quite good-looking, so he should block those studied and calculated moves as if he is still in the twinkie cupcakes mode.  Now that Starstudio magazine has included him in the list of “most sizzling boys under 23,” Rayver Cruz should take heed and move on to more serious yet cool roles.  I’m thinking too much, actually. 
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  1. he has a face of an angel!!!

    i don’t think he’s cute, he’s a very handsome boy/man!!!


    please have rayver mouth-to-mouth me or else i’ll play dead for life!!! HAHAHAH!


  2. gwapo… gwapo… gwapo…

    sarap dilaan ang buong katawan!!!

    sabi na nga ba eh… may kili-kili fetish na lilitaw dito eh… heheheh!

    sa pantasyahan nga naman… lahat pwede!!!

    we love rd’s fantasy land talaga!!!

  3. Mayayabang daw ang mga Cruz says a friend who worked in the industry. Yung mga girls mostly daw. Hopefully ‘di sumunod si Rayver. I wonder if he’s a moaner o quiet lang. ;P* * * * He has a gorgeous face and lots of sex appeal. Oh, those lips! I love it when he dances sa ASAP, he has long limbs so his movements look good. Di masyadong give na give kagaya ni John Prats nor pangit like that Gagamboy guy. The Valenciano son is his competition pero panalo s’ya! IMHO lang po! 😉

  4. he can be a character actor if he learns how to act but he doesn’t have the matinee idol look or appeal. his mouth is unusually wide.

  5. di itich sisikat ng husto dahil… super kapal ng lips, daisy duck syndrome. sad to say, pero ang masang pinoy ay naghahanap ng perfection, mapili kung sino ang susuportahan at sasambahin…

  6. sigurado ka anonymous? Perfection??? Perfect ba si Juday? Si Nora? Si Wowie De `GUZman…wow..there goes your arguement

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