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Victor Basa hones his craft

Victor Basa of the Coverboys is an actor quietly doing films outside his home studio backlot. Maling Akala was shown a few weeks ago sans fanfare. It is his first movie and he plays a gay role in most subdued nuance [I’m gushing because I loved the movie]. His first sci-fi movie, Xenoa 2: Clash of the Bloods recently hit movie theaters to favorable response from theatergoers.  So there, the glamor boy is now a movie actor seriously trying to perfect his craft.  
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  1. i saw victor yesterday sa alimall kagabi. may kasamang bading. both of us eh nasa penshoppe. i dont know kung ano nya yun bading. basta they are close.

  2. Let’s not make a big issue out of a showbiz guy — or any good-looking guy for that matter– going out with a gay person. The companion could be a friend (and what’s wrong with that?), a relative or a pastor. Or even lover (and what’s wrong with that either?). In showbiz, the gay person could be what they call a “handler” (the studio-appointed assistant who coordinates everything about the star), or an “alalay” (factotum, man friday or gay friday, “bona,” glamorized chimoy or chimay), the manager (who may or may not be a lover), director (indie filmmakers’ faces are usually not familiar to the madlang otaw), producer; or maybe just a friend or relative. Or even, at the rate showbiz guys are getting to be religious, pastor. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, too. To put it another way, mayroong magkasama lang, pero dahil may mga malilisyoso at malilisyosa sa mundo, kung anu-ano na ang hinala.

  3. Agree ako kay anonymous Nov. 17 2008 2:18 am.

    Honestlyi,m upset at d moment about our culture of thinking re:lalaki kasama bading. At present parang imposible maging clean ang relationship ng isang lalaki at bading. pag nakita clang magkasama masama agad iniisip ng mga tao. worse, kapwa nating mga berde ang dugo ang mabilis manghusga. but come to think of it, it is very possible for men and gays to be friends and that entails going out in the community together!

  4. nothing wrong with str8 guys goin out with gay pipol.. dpende n tlga un noh.. nsa paningin na un nga nkkakita.. besyds d m na ma aalis s mga tao ang humusga s mga nakikita nila..amen

  5. I like the flow of the conversation. wag nang sumawsaw ang mga ibang walang matinong sasabihin. agree ako. pag ang straight guy may kasamang gay guy, automatic bang gay ang straight, or pineperahan ng straight ang gay, o may sexual relations sila, o nagpapagamit ang gay. Hindi lahat ng bading sex lang ang habol. Pero sa tingin ko, 70% ng mga gay men sa Pinas ay yung matinong kind. Feeling lang natin maraming promiscuous gays kasi sila ang madalas nakikita ng tao sa TV at sa movies. Most gays have normal, ordinary happy lives in their homes, businesses or offices. Isa pa, hindi na ba uso ngayon ang TOTOONG friends only? As in the platonic kind. Masyado nang nababad sa showbiz ang utak ng mga tao. Sa real world, marami kang pwedeng kasama, FYI. Barkada, friend, officemate, pamangkin, pinsan, parents, kapatid.

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