Ahhh Summer!

You know it’s the summer season when the boys come out to play in their tiny underclothes. Bikini open contestants often get a bad rap, but this site does not contradistinguish. Give me a boy with great physique and the perfect accessory, i.e. a tiny bikini, and we’re good for posting. Exhibit A is Justine Cruz and Exhibit B is Albert Gonzales. Shall we analyze the bodies of evidence now?

The Flesh


There’s somebody for everybody, so perhaps Albert Gonzales of the blue pouch is your ideal cup of tea. I think it’s in one 90s movie where the lead said “sometimes you have to lay off the crème brûlée and feast on the Jell-O.”  I get the message and I’m putting in some bikini boy, for now (in lieu of the legit models).  But feast it is, as it is not too often when a guy fills in a pouch that way.

Dancing Kings

allen allen2

Today’s menu consists of buns and fresh man meat! Allen Molina serves up some wet, wet buttocks in a bikini competition he ruled most recently. Allen’s always comfy and buck-arse naked in the contests he’s in, always a real treat to the audience.

Albert11 Albert14If you can dance nearly-nekkid in a big hall full of howling (amused) people with just a tiny silk sac covering your shaft and scrotum, then you’re definitely a winner. Top that off with a bangin’ bod and some suave moves a la Filipino macho dancer. Albert Gonzales was the runaway winner in this contest, actually.

And the winner is….

DSCF9980 DSCF9983

Albert Gonzales, of course. At the Daragang Magayon Bikini Open 2015 (won by Allen last year) held a few days ago, hunky Albert wowed the local crowd with a string of confidence and a pouch of fun, fun, fun! Wildly criticized for redefining the bikini genre this time, Albert won nonetheless as he led the ‘kini-clad pack, too, by winning all the minor awards that night. Click on the pics for your HD pleasure.

Body of evidence

IMG_3662I’m still on vacation and I’m just putting on the random pictures here for your daily dose of hunky guys. I’ve always believed that having a smashing bod really works wonders on one’s overall appearance. Albert Gonzales may not be drop-dead handsome but he is working on the sexy charm with that physique. Don’t you think so?

Last weekend’s marked men

matteoNow I’m getting fond of triathlons because of the boys in wet tri-suits. Like Matteo Guidicelli here, who’s rocking the sport and of course, the tricot-nylon-spandex suit.  With a practically perfect physique matching that boyish face, Matteo looks eternally fresh, no matter the sweat, grime and soot of the sport. Now that’s a package!

rex3I always remind you guys that the onset of summer in the metro is not March but the grand finals of the Sta. Lucia Mall Sexy Body competition. It’s the first bikini contest of the year in town! Last year, Allen Molina won, and he passed on the uh, thong or title to some guy in a red bowtie named Rexter Manaloto.

AlbertAlbert Gonzales stiffens up as he finished first runner-up.