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There’s somebody for everybody, so perhaps Albert Gonzales of the blue pouch is your ideal cup of tea. I think it’s in one 90s movie where the lead said “sometimes you have to lay off the crème brûlée and feast on the Jell-O.”  I get the message and I’m putting in some bikini boy, for now (in lieu of the legit models).  But feast it is, as it is not too often when a guy fills in a pouch that way.

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  1. i just luv albert, he always give me an instant hard on. ang sarap sarap nya chupain at romansahin. ohh albert, pls fuck me now!

  2. the creme brulee – jel-o comparison is from My Bestfriends Wedding. Nice one, rddantes. Here’s to Julia Roberts fans. hehehe

  3. magkano ang iyang dangal papa albert. sana lang malaki ang burat mo para mag enjoy naman ang maluwag ko ng bibig. gusto ko rin papasukin yung malaki mong burat sa masikip kong kepyas este wetpaks. bwahahahahahahahaha

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