Dennis Trillo poses for Metro Body

Beleaguered actor Dennis Trillo does some spin doctoring to his image, as he poses sexily in Metro Magazine’s 2007 Metro Body. Subject of a much-publicized catfight between two girls, Dennis was criticized for keeping mum all throughout the fuss. When he spoke about the matter, it was too late, as the girls kissed and made up and ganged up on the poor guy.

11 thoughts on “Dennis Trillo poses for Metro Body”

  1. in furnezzz, erbog level up siya with all the brouhaha over the girls. MABALASIK pala si papa dennis. me tinatagong alindog na sukat pag-agawan. LOL. mukhang magaling bumanat. grrrrrrrr!!! inggit meeeee!!!

  2. can someone tell me kung sino pa yung mga models na nasa metro magazine??

    Daring ba yung mga pose nila? If, yes.. eh baka bumili akooo

  3. on the question…BOXER OF BRIEFS?”
    …right before is the answer…
    dennis is doing a britney spears imitation – nada undies. Ooppss!

  4. On the side note… when will this be released? my gosh, hope the other models/actors are hot as dennis trillo if not even more!

  5. at least lalake siya, ewan na lang kina piolo at sam kung bakit walang mga girlfriends . . . lam nyo ganyan din yung problem ni rustom nung nagtatago pa siya. akala nya nakatago siya, pero buong mundo, alam na. hurray to papa dennis!

  6. NASAAN SI DEMURE? been awhile since she made a comment. i miss her witty, sometimes bitchy, bit funny penscribes. sis, let go the parola DVD and the astroglide, o baka naman bumalik na siya sa convento at nag-fulltime nang mongha. OOOHHHHHH! hope not. this blog will surely miss her. COME ON SIS, PUT YOUR BELLS ON, AND MAKE A GRAND COMEBACK! *****

  7. hey, anonymous, i’m very much around, thank you! i’ll take your advice, go buy some bells to alert all the balls in this blog hehehe

    speaking of dennis, i never had the hots for this guy from the very beginning, that’s why i don’t understand all the fuss about him. saw him once and never gave him a second look – he is soooo bland and vertically not up to par.

  8. YES! Diko ko kalaban si DEMURE ke Papa Dennis!

    um fyi kung nakita nyo lang yung promo tour nila for zaido at sm sanlazaro grabe, mga tao nag titilian lalo na ang mga bading at patagong mga bading! why, remember the blue uniform hes using for the t.v. series, grabe bakat na bakat ang hinaharap nya… ewan ko ba bakit ganun ang outfit nilang 3, bakat rin yung ke marky at um si zaido red, sensya na forgot his name!

  9. sna ndi lng gnyan mejo d pa ko satisfied eh.mas maganda kng nka boxers or briefs c dennis..ewan ko kng bket d xa ngbi2lad ng todo same with richard and dingdong..hunks nman cla pro d man lng nla un ng2wa..talo pa cla nla jake at iba pa at young age flunt it agad..un lng tlaga pangta2ka ko..kya dapat mgpaseksi n cla all d way in briefs..lalo n c dennis.

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