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Skinny is an inny at the Mister International – Philippines contest. Reed-thin former UE basketball player and Mr. Lapu Lapu City titleholder Gil Wagas romped off with the crown, beating 22 other good looking contestants.  Apparently he won because he nailed the Q & A portion. And then again  a beauty pageant is not rocket science.
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  1. Mga beks, wag kayong mean! Just give others a chance. Who knows, patok pala ang looks nya sa abroad!

  2. Kung makapag-comment naman tong mga to. Obviously, he’s thin. His metabolism is way faster than an average person’s. Dun mo malalaman na sobrang dedication ang binigay nya para magkaron ng big arms and shoulders. Ang tindi sigurong muscle pains dinanas nyan and im sure strictly high protein diet yan kaya ganyan. He deserves his win. Come on, guys.

  3. DISLIKE!! I really cannot understand why he was the one who won the title, considering ang daming ibang mas deserving sa kanya. Walang x-factor. I am sure talunan yan sa international competition. Yan ba ang tinatawag na model?? Katawan lang talaga ang puhunan niya..that’s it, nothing else!

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