Is John Miller going solo?

by: rddantes September 29, 2007 | 1 Comment |
He always had that Joaquin-Casado mien – that bashful and cautious port saying “Hey, I’m reluctantly into showbiz but what the heck I’m mestizo and I need to earn a living.” Nevertheless, John Miller, the shy guy from the Men of Provoq, is still game. Tonight he will be at the Lips Bar, scene of the most out-there “fashion” and “bikini” shows in town. Makes me wonder, the show is entitled Private John M Show, is he going solo, Lex? This had the green light of Viva? Anyhow, catch John Miller tonight at 152 Aurora Boulevard, QC [this is near the J. Ruiz Station of the MRT]. Tickets are at P 500.
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1 Comment on "Is John Miller going solo?"

  1. :) says:

    finaly, i got him. he’s boring but a lot of revelations. one of the best nyt of my life, and im proud i made it.

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