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Do you think it’s sexy to have a tattoo? A small tat on the arm or leg, maybe? How about the entire body? Some people find it hard to accept some inking on the body. Some see it as an expression of art. Lately, the tattoo culture is being portrayed in mainstream media as totally acceptable and modish [think Ed Hardy and Gaultier]. Locally, many have embraced the tat culture. Celebrities and models had to get some ink done on their fine skin. Take for example this one. Do you think the tattoo on model Eric Soriano is sexy?
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  1. no, i don’t find it sexy. to be honest, a tattoo will only look good on you if you have a good toned body physique as well and only while you are young. but as you grow older, trust me, believe me, it doesn’t look as sexy or as pleasing as it was when you were younger.

    the inevitable truth is – we will all grow old. ergo, soon, the tattoos on your body is no longer attractive on you.

    andyan na yung mapagkakamalan ka pa na galing ng munti. no offense meant sa mga taga muntinlupa, ok? you all know what i mean.

  2. NO, too much dirty to look at!

    cguro kung maliit lng mas ok, bka cute pang tingnan. SAYANG ang kinis p nman nya.

  3. ok lang sa akin…pag nakadamit or sa gabi di naman kita…lalo kung model…ayoko ko lang matanggap ung iba nating sister na may tattoo na eagle sa dibdib pero super effem kung kumilos at ang boses yeaak( o baka accuse me of being racist against co-gays,hehehe)I know in one back in Makati…nakakalalake ika nga at nakakalibog!

  4. Sayang nga, ang kinis pa naman ng balat niya. Nilagyan niya ng tintang panghabang-buhay. I must admit the tattoo job is magnificent but it takes away his sexiness. Sana it will eventually be scrubbed away with soap, like henna. Tattoo as a rule detracts from a person’s natural endowments.

  5. it’s sexy kasi sexy talaga sya to begin with.. i would love to see his tattoo full view, yung walang undies na nagbbreak ng whole picture! ahihihi!

  6. mayabang to, feeling. nagpagawa pa ng ilong courtesy of his benefactor na bakla na iniwan din.

  7. He’s hot but his kashongahan is a huge turn-off. I had a few classes with him in CSB before. He also gives off a douchey/arrogant vibe but I can’t really say for sure since I haven’t really hung out with him. Ganon lang siguro talaga aura niya.

  8. siguro kung one or two tattooes for me is sexy pero ganyan kalaki pangit na. although paint lang yan. kc it fades eh. maganda lang siguro sa umpisa pero katagalan lumalabo. hindi na matingkad ang kulay.

  9. of caorse. its only a paint! he3. halata naman kung totoong tattoo yan..mas darker ang color and may konting inflammation sa skin dahil sa needle. for me, i agree don sa anonymous commenter sa taas, that as u grow old, it will not look good. it looks horrible, a tras to the skin. ok lang kung konti.

  10. douchebag ! major! masyadong ma ere ang isang ito since college days pa lang. naging bata ng isang bading. pinaretoke ang ilong at pinag gym.

  11. Naku yang si Soriano epal yan walang may gusto makasama yan kungdi si Aaron Tuiza lang yata na best friend nya.

  12. Painomin mo lang eto, machuchupa mo na. Sobrang dali mahada promis! Nachupa ko na to pero lasing eh lambot ng nota pero mahaba.

  13. Painomin mo lang eto, machuchupa mo na. Sobrang dali mahada promis! Nachupa ko na to pero lasing eh lambot ng nota pero mahaba.

  14. it would be much better kung t-back para kita yung tattoo..i find it sexy (just like brazilian guys na karamihan may tattoo)..disadvantage: 1) my epekto ang tattoo sa skin as u grow older 2) the negative connotations (gang member, freak, drug addict)..its an art to those who have them..

  15. the stupidity of some people here really astounds me.
    the artwork on his back is not tattoo. It’s body paint.
    First of all, no fashion/ramp model will get a tattoo as it could make him/her get turned down during casting/go sees.
    Secondly, don’t you think that as if that was a real tattoo that would’ve hurt if it was done on his skin? I mean the design’s pretty big.
    Anyway, I’m so envious with the stylist/make-up artist who put the body paint on his back. He did take his clothes off as it’s impossible to apply such skin art specially on the lower back if he was dressed.

  16. HE IS SOOOO HOT!!!! Ibang iba sa lahat ng pinost mo RD… The tattoo is really colorful and his physique is so perfect! I think I’m gonna faint…

  17. ang totoo nyan, may malaking tattoo talaga yan sa likod nya. Nung Bench Blackout Show, dinagdagan ng body paint para lumabas na buo ang artwork sa likod nya hanggang sa may puwet nya. But there is really a big tatoo sa back nya. Pero half lang of his back.

  18. Good Looks but w/o brain, he cannot really carry a decent conversation.

    He’s a douchebag way back CSB days, he was my classmate in Sociology & Com1. and feeling kung sino.

    There has also been some rumors before that he is gay (maybe bi), and may naging boyfriend rin na tga CSB.

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