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Speaking of BodyShots modelling competition, it would be swell for contestant Archie Severino to go home with the top prize. Imagine some hairy dude headlining the runway shows in all his nakedness. Well, not maybe naked, but skimpily-clad like this one in the photo. With lots of hair down there! Sexy, eh? To Bush Power!

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  1. Yay! I love Archie. I hope he wins the title. Can you post more pics when he won the body heat contest pls? Thanks.

  2. Ano ba ba ang nangyari sa bodyshots. Dati uber prestigious, ngayon puro mga kolbamic ang nasali.

  3. Sarap sigurong ibaon ang ilong ko sa makapal nyang buhok sa kilikili at malagong bulbol. Siguradong mahalimuyak.

      1. 1st time ako nag comment .. pwede mo ba send ng message sa aking e mail.. I’m a balikbayan bachelor….if you are really Archie… thanks..

        1. Hi Joey, hindi po ako pwedeng magsend sa email mo kasi hindi mo nilagay yung email address. Wala naman po akong way para malaman yan, hindi ko po website to. nai-feature lang po ako dito.

  4. rd can you plks post some more sexy pics of chhristian anthony arbasto? sya ang bet ko sa bodyshots 2014. guapo at sexy ni christian!

  5. if the fb link is truly his account, I wonder what he meant when he replied to a comment in one of his photos that “Ehhehehheheh bagay ba kaso hindi kami talo.ehehehheheheh”? wala lang. but why not? he’s one fine guy.

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