Hot Men in the Philippines

Candid and Loving It

Candid and loving every bulging-minute of it! This is, of course, boy-of-the-moment Marco Gumabao in his tighty printies back stage at the Bench show. Now we can, uh, discern, just a little bit, what made him become a favorite at the local underwear brand.

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      1. oh mey.. dom roque loves his dick.. ahron villaflor loves his ass.. and so do me (sodomy mga teh boba..)

  1. He’s hot but his underwear is a little bit off. May plus factor sana kung hindi printed instead of plain underwear na lang na mas visible ang vpl.

    1. Gwapo kaya si Albie sa personal. Nakita namin s’ya sa NAIA last month on our way to Cebu. Mas gwapo s’ya in person kaysa sa TV promise! And I don’t care kung maniwala kayo o hindi

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