Kiss Luis!

IMG_3266Luis Hontiveros‘s time has come! Wait, I think I did not state that right. I meant, the young model and aspiring actor is going up the showbiz ladder with his newfound popularity (not those wank videos, silly!).  You’ve seen his perky pecker before, and today, he’s taking his shirt off, and that’s quite enough.

47 thoughts on “Kiss Luis!”

  1. I wonder if he’s related to Maan Hontiveros, the talked show host… I used to watch her on channel 4, and Baby Obrien too.. Sigh,those were the days of good programs… Lol. .. I’m old… Lol. …

  2. Sino merong Part 2 ng jakolserye scandal vid niya the one posted sa FP. Pashare naman dito ng link mga sis. Yung part 1 nyon meron sa pornhub, yung Part 2 di ko makita.

  3. Photoshopped eyebags. Why do people think eyebags are a bad thing? Sometimes it completes the look of the face. He looks so unnatural in the photo. Also, skintone adjusted up.

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