Our Harry


we will squint into the sun
waving madly at the camera
Harry, standing in the front
and I will be sitting on his shoulders

  • innocence mission, Our Harry


You might be wondering about our Harry, one-named hunk du jour, mononymous like Diddy, Babyface or Fabio.


As perfunctorily pretty as he may be, the 411 is not out yet. Let’s just say he works in Pasay City.


He may be a newbie, but he’s surely inching his way to the top of bikinidom. Inching, top, get it?

56 thoughts on “Our Harry”

  1. I forgot the name. Got him at Whitebird when he was new a few years ago. Very nice guy. Reggie lang sya but the body is really made for worship.

      1. Does not matter if you believe me or not, you stupid fuck!

        As mentioned in another comment, he went by Armani as his screen name in Whitebird. 🙂

  2. Omg!! This is armani!! He works in whitebird!! Hahaha!! Pucha!! We actually have his number till now, always on the go yan!! Laban yan mga mother!! 🙂

  3. “Inching, top” Correct me if I’m wrong. Does the aforementioned phrase mean Enchong is bottom, and this Harry guy is top?

  4. Rd mukhang napapagiwanan Ka na Ng fashionpulis ilang scandal na ang nilabas Nila. Ang tagal na Ng sa yo may apat o Lima na bago.

  5. nakakasabay ko to magswim sa AFP mga baks! hot pero walang malisya na kasi kapag nasa pool na. as in kahit pa napakaiksi ng suot niyang trunks, if you are a professional swimmer, wala ka talagang libog na mararamdaman. but still, HOT. 🙂

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