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Paolo Paraiso in bed

Let’s see: There’s a loyal reader who posts his comments daily. Almost daily. He goes by the name of armpit lover and of course, we all know what he loves most in the posts. As an offer of largess, here’s a photo of model-turned-actor Paolo Paraiso, who was last seen in the movie Ate [Sister], which seriously did not make money at the tills. The former member of Barako Boys is busy with movie and tv assignments lately, and I am awfully glad he is visible in showbiz.
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  1. All right, now that you’ve dedicated one photo to a “loyal reader” called Armpit Lover, maybe he’ll stop boring us with his repetitious, monomaniacal and limited concern for one part of a man’s body. I have nothing against armpits and lovers, but jeez, paulit-ulit siya, as you said, araw-araw pare-pareho request at sinusulat niya, kaya ho-hum, sana magpahinga na muna nang ma-appreciate naman natin ang ibang bagay. Hindi bale kung marami-raming reader ngayon, e tamad pa rin ang mga sis mag-comment kaya we’re all stuck with a bore. Peace, AL!

  2. You name dropped me in your post! Para sa akin ito?

    RD, I am so touched!

    And yup yup yup, I’m loving it. Paolo Paraiso’s pits are hot. Nung nakita ko siya in person, parang nakapulbos siya all over. That’s why I think his pits smell like talcum. Hihihi.

    Thanks much, RD. Love ya.

  3. Armpit Lover!!

    What’s the beauty in armpit???? Kadiri ka!! Only a pervert like you could love an armpit!! Mamatay ka sa kaka comment mo dito sana maka encounter ka ng armpit ng unggoy which I think you will not spare!! Tse!!!

  4. Anonymous: after calling me a bore, you offer peace?

    Hindi naman ko kasi ugaling maging hater sa mga post ng iba.

    So, peace!


  5. Hi RD!

    Do you have sexy pictures of BLAKE LEWIS, JAO MAPA, RODEL VELAYO and LEANDRO BALDEMOR? Kindly post them here in your site. Thank you very much.

  6. RD, ang daming haterz sa mundo, ano? Binanggit mo lang ako sa isang post, naglitawan na silang lahat.

    Oh well, sana masaya kayo sa mga buhay nyo, girls.

    I wish all of you would spend more time and effort on interesting and productive activities rather than posting hateful comments about me. After all, I’m pervy, boring, and monomaniacal. Don’t waste your precious time, girls.


  7. well, i love armpit too. hahaha.. boss ko nga lagi kong binobosohan ang armpit, one time nakita ko syang nakasando, nag-water water agad ako. hindi tuloy ako makatayo dahil nakatayo rin si manoy.

  8. You’re not hateful, Armpit lover. You’re just a bore. Okay, we’ll “spend more time and effort on interesting and productive activities” if you stop boring us and force-feeding us with your “pervy, boring, and monomaniacal” concern. Then, we wouldn’t be bored anymore. Love ya, AL!

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