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Rafael Rosell for Bench Body [again]

Rounding up the cast of Bench Body’s new ads ala 300 is Rafael Rosell, the underwear company’s go-to hunk for its tight undergarments commercials. He seems to be at ease without clothes on as he is so proud displaying his bod in billboards and adverts. He had all the right to do so, natch! Incidentally, Rafael Rosell was also the featured guy on Men’s Health [Philippines] magazine a month ago, in the same 300 theme – dark, windy and melancholic. And lusty, of course.
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  1. For whatever reason they retouch the photos of gorgeous guys in briefs in those billboards, like Rafael and the homoerotic stance of AJ and Don, maybe so as not to call the attention of prudish folk, they make the models really look like mannequins, like the animated Beowulf but looking inanimate, much less of human beings and more like plaster or plastic creations. Nice to look at but as soon as your car, cab or FX has moved one or two blocks away from the billboard, nakalimutan mo na. They may have turned the models into idealized visions of Adonis-like faces and smooth, poreless, golden muscles but they have completely removed their sexuality as well. Ay, ano ba ito, hindi po ako si Francesca o si Inday ng text jokes. Ha ha ha ha!

  2. I agree! pero wala tayo magagawa, they did those para hindi agad ipatangal yung billboard nila like what happened to rafael’s billboard at guadalupe yung naka upo syang nakabukaka… agaw pansin talaga sya nun that time kaya, pinatanggal yun agad, hence kaya ganyan ang mga billboard nila ngayon kainis! san nga pala nakalagay tong ke rafael na billboard, diko pa na site to sa area e, sa malls lang!

  3. hindi kasi pang prono ang mga billboard ad inday, advertisement yan! bili ka ng chika chika meron pa ba kalowwwwwwwwka! o hot copy bwahahhahahhahhahah anow ba yan pete?

  4. Peter, halos imposibleng umasa ng porno sa mga billboards, no. Pero siguro naman, konting bakat lang sa briefs e hindi ka naman siguro tatakbo sa CR para magbayo o don mismo sa kalye habang nakatingala at nakatunganga sa magandang model na nakabriefs dahil lang medyo naaaninag ang notation nila. As it is kasi, parang walang etits ang mga lalake at puro pekpek ang nasa loob ng briefs.

  5. SAINT ANDREW’S CROSS…i’d like to fantasize Rafael on the cross (drop that corny prairie wheatfield background). he has the masculine built, tough looks and the must-have props to blend in the scene. TIE ME, BEAT ME, F**K ME TILL I’M BLUE.*****

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