The Brothers Ajdani

Our Monday boys would have to be the Ajdanis – up-and-coming model Sam and student Tohid. Of course, you’ve been introduced to Sam, the 6’2″-tall hunk who’s making the rounds of fashion shows and magazine editorials. And then there’s cute younger brother Tohid, 5’11”-tall and one of the 69 bachelors for Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine this year.

46 thoughts on “The Brothers Ajdani”

  1. both hot! Oozing with sex appeal.. Mas gusto ko yung tohid! Itotorid ko si tohid! Hahaha… Nipples ulam na! Paano pa kay yung, main course? Sarap isipin having sex with them both! DP pa! Hahaha…

  2. ” MYRNA MALIBOG said…


    Monday, 10 September, 2012″


    Di nila gagawin yon!

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