Where’s Rey Talosig?

On a quiet Saturday night, alone and simulating some order and sense inside the house, it came upon me that tomorrow, Sunday, would have to be my showbiz overload, should I have the time. Maybe I will start with the noontime shows – with a variety of singers, dancers and acrobats onstage. Then the teen shows [I’m a closet fan of that teen show on Channel 2]. And of course, the inane talk shows, Pete and Pete included, over at that hazy channel. Speaking of noontime shows, I turn on the tube at 1 pm to wait for the SOP Take 5 Boys [with main boy Carlos Bernardo Santos Concepcion. And there’s another hottie in there, the long-haired one called Rey Talosig, Jr. He has been in the modeling biz – mainly Bench underwear – for quite sometime now. And this hunky daddy [married with a daughter], has been trying to make it as a boyband singer, complete with the moves. In the publicity materials for the February 2007 launch of the group, 26-year old Rey has been tagged as the intelligent one [he finished Broadcasting at the University of the Philippines]. I haven’t been seeing the Take 5 boys perform though on SOP lately. Maybe they have been replaced by the much younger The Studs? Too bad, I just wish they’ll come back. Rey Talosig was one of the boys in that group who always gave me the full quiver.

14 thoughts on “Where’s Rey Talosig?”

  1. Rey looks good in photos coz in person he’s RAIL-THIN. However, he’s got a very pleasing personality PLUS a family so I guess we’re all restricted to fantasizing about him.

    Have you ever featured one TRISHAN CUASO? That slanty-eyed punk irritated me at Piedra last night(it’ll take too long to explain) that I wanted to bash his face in were it not for his gorgeous girlfriend and two meathead bouncers hovering nearby! Punk-ass chink and model wannabe!!! I’d pick his gf over him anytime!

    He better not make the mistake of workingout at Golds Gym ever!

    Well, that’s all for now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. What about if I have him kidnapped? After all, his KIND is a very profitable commodity in these times of…NEED! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I do know people who “know” people!

  3. Well, the place was seriously packed! I was at the bar waiting for my drink and when I noticed this gorgeous female (Trishan’s gf) trying to inch her way to the bar and so I moved just a wee bit for her to signal one of the bartenders to take her order. Then, that chink suddenly shoved me (not too hard, otherwise I would’ve shoved him back)and uttered, “Excuse lang, pare!”

    I’m telling ya that my blood boiled a wee bit and I glared at him but he was too engrossed with his girl to notice.

    Damn, jologs! Since you’ve been fortunate enough to meet these “models”, I wonder if you could relay my threat to him. Tell him, that a son of an affluent clan doesn’t take likely to presumptuous CHINKS like him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Seriously now, RD! “Warn” them should any of these wannabes plan to show their mugs at Golds Gym.

    When that “Jan Low-pez” fella was in the locker room, I and to a couple of my buddies from well-to-do families were conversing with each other when he came in to change. I blurted out for all to hear that, “It’s easy to distinguish members of the upper-class from plebians through the ‘lack of effort’ in speaking proper english”. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hehehehehehehe! And to think that there were 2 other “models” inside the locker room as well.

    Was I too…”mean”? ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. J., you are mean and brutal, twice over. Just let them be. While I have great contempt for the loud and conceited models from the class of the Great Unwashed and plebeians, some models are nice and amiable. Iago is proper at the gym; Del Felicidario is a finely-wired kid. And that Alec van Dierendonck guy is so refined and friendly.

    Why not vent your energy against the smelly Brazilians and Argentinians [there’s one who always wears his low V-necked white shirt to the gym, every time]. They are loud and…stinko smelly.

  6. rd, since u mentioned that ur an avid fan of a teenybopper show in channel 2, i presume it’s all about ur luv 2. maybe u could feature one of the cute teens in that show named martin del rosario in ur future post or better yet ask uph for he features wholesome guys. lolz!

  7. Iago?
    – Perhaps, but his 2 companions I have already “enlightened” through several encounters.

    Rodel Felicidario
    – I have no idea what time and on which days he worksout. However, I’ll have to take your word for it and be “nice” to him. However, I’ll make sure that he “hears” me “speak my mind and brag” while on the gym floor.

    – he’s ok, I guess! Just a pothead at that.

    As for the Brazilians – I did put one in his place, but since they’re HOT I end up befriending them and HEY, a chance for me to practice my Portuguese! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Mike Jungschlager (or however his surname goes) – next time, I will confront him and make sure that freeloaders like him don’t speak to me in such a manner!

    John Lopez – time for round 2.

    Trishan Cuaso – so far, he ain’t a member.

    Carlos Agassi – he’s already been “enlightened”.

    Have I missed others? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Peace out!


  8. Mike Jungschlager is a nice kid. Probably he is just shy. Alec is NOT a pothead. He is learned and refined. You missed out on the new CalCarrie freeloaders. J. is throwing his weight arounnnnnnd!

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