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  1. Bagong jowa ni Alex Diaz. No wonder iba ang closeness nitong dalawa lately, apparent on their twitter and facebook interactions.

    1. i don’t know who your source is but I don’t think this is true. but i know for a fact that they enjoy fucking each other from time to time and that’s pretty much about it – just pure fucking. at least this is how i see it from my own perspective lol. ugh what am i even doing in this site hahaha.

        1. look, I didn’t even know what “top” meant until i started discreetly asking some of my girlfriends (and some other guy friends) about it. Kenzo being the top, that i know nothing about. i hate to admit it though but the thought of them fucking each other actually turns me on! am i crazy for even having this kind of fantasy or for even having this kind of thought? i mean come on, no matter how hard you try to hide it from me i know. i know that something is going on between the two of you. but it doesn’t make you less of a person, either. still the best guy a girl could ever have. 🙂 again, what am i still doing here? why do i keep checking back…ugh i gotta stop visiting this site it’s giving me weird vibes

    2. Mag-agree ako dyan. Matagal ko dn inistalk tong si kenzo kc cruch ko sya. Tapos lagi ang likes ni kenzo sa tweets ni alex tsaka lagi sila sa gym magkasama dalawa, si kenzo hatid sundo nya si alex sa condo nya sa Bayo condo sa qc. Sad ako kc c alex ang jowa nya kc mukhang playboy si alex lolokohin nya lang c kenzo my love.

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