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Dennis Trillo admits

Old news here but Dennis Trillo finally admitted that he’s the father of the baby boy born to a beauty queen in LA. Methinks he didn’t lose his appeal – matinee idol, heartthrob, leading man, what-have-you, by reason of siring a child. Way much better than say, for example, a situation where a handsome lead actor plucks from air a grown child with no smidgen of alikeness, and sells to the media that that is his a son, amidst rumors of gay abandon in the studio back lot. And by the way, that’s not Dennis Trillo in the photo; it’s some 25-year-old entertainer who goes by the name of Ricky Horillo.
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  1. pa blind item ka pa ha… oo na hindi anak ni piolo yun, anak daw ata ng sister nya… syempre protektahan ang kanyang image… tadi din hindi gay c Sam, kaso nung tinikman ni Piolo, ayun gusto na din nya… kasalanan yan ni piolo… joke

  2. a very sensitive topic to delve in. i like piolo. he is a fine, adorable actor despite all the talks behind him. talk and talk out loud till your lungs give out. but guess who is laughing all the way to bank with all your hard earned pesos deposited to his account.

    no bad comments from me, i refrain.

  3. may i ask anybody here, who’s that guy in the new FITA tv ad w/ Bianca Araneta? anlakas ng arrive kasi. please pwede paki feature naman. thanks.

  4. obvious naman si Piolo ang pinatungkulan mo. malamang tama ka dyan.

    PERO guilty pa rin si Dennis. SOBRANG DINENY niya noon ang kanyang anak. napilitan lang atang umamin after na lumabas yung bata.

    bakit kamo itinago niya? obvious naman eh, para protektahan din niya ang kanyang image. haler! Dennis is no different to Piolo sa ganitong issue.

  5. Ha-ha! Piolo and Dennis, parehong may anak? is there a pattern here? As if naman d halata na gimik lang naman yung pagkakaroon nila ng “anak” to hide their true sexuality. May balita ba na may gf si Trillo? or na may nililigawan siya? Kinda odd to think na they are popular…..oh! didn’t a friend of mine mentioned something about him and Trillo? heheh…READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!!

  6. basta ako,.,
    ok lang kahit may anak xah(dennis),.,

    atleast inamin nya na ank nya un,.,
    sana totoo cnsbi nya,.,

    saan nyo ba nkuha pic na toh???

    ayos ah,.,

    sana ung mas clear,.,

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