Isko Upstanding

So, the Honorable Francisco Domagoso aka Isko Moreno, three-term councilor [first district] of the grand old city of Manila, is running as vice-mayor in the May elections. And I’m guessing that won’t be the campaign poster? Isko, who took up law school units to equip himself with some working knowledge about the laws, is under the PDP-Laban team of former vice-mayor Lacuna. Isko Moreno, who grew up in the slums of innercity Manila [Tondo] is up against the porcine guy Bagatsing from the famous politician clan, councilor Cita Astals [Annabelle Rama: “Wag nyong iboto ang babaing yan, hindi nagpapante!”], and 5th district Congressman Hizon.

2 thoughts on “Isko Upstanding”

  1. Ang laki ng oten ni ISKO..ang sarap dilaan at tsupain…ang taba taba pa…no doubt, nanalo xa ky nalibog ang botante ng makita ito…ay isko ang sarap mo…

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