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Alfred Vargas is giving

Look, it’s 27-year-old actor Alfred Vargas and he’s dressed for the occasion, er, season. Well, almost. Plus he brings a gift! Alfred Vargas is one of the exclusive actors of GMA-7, with starring roles in the station’s afternoon soaps. He has gone sexy and daring before in the local underwear brand Walker’s photo book, and he’s coming out in another one early next year. A stint in Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine’s raunchy pages also established his sexy image as an actor.
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  1. he was on NUTS at GMA (East Coast) the other day. he looks gorgeous, delectable and nibbly for a 27 y.o. dude. count me in who would like to see his pictorial (if RD would be kindnuf to post em). Alfie isn’t finished yet. watch him next coming years…the best is still to come. MUY SIMPATICO (and keeps a full bush)…

  2. Tama na nga ‘yang mga artistic shots na iyan. Nakakabawas ng sexual pleasure. The first collection of nude photos of Aldred in Boracay some three years ago was good. But the next one should be more in-your-face.

  3. I doubt if Alfred will come out with a more daring pictorial next time. I heard that his neighborhood barangay is urging him to run for public office — for Congress daw. Don’t know how true and I don’t know if he will jump the political bandwagon.

  4. alfred is NOT STRAIGHT ayon sa gma employees…
    a. he has a complete collection of barbra streisand album.
    b. ring finger ang ginagamit nya panglagay ng concealer.
    c. nakangiwi sya pag nagbebeso… SA LALAKI…

  5. E kaya siguro nakangiwi, kasi nga, lalake ka-beso.

    Pero ‘yung Barbra Streisand collection? Hmmm. Sinong close sa kanya ang nakakita ng CD collection at chinismis pa? Baka naman kasama niya sa bahay ang fan ni Barbra.

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