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Enchong Baby!

Enchong Dee is such a joy to look at, he is so freakin’ cute! The 20-year-old champion swimmer, who participated in the ASEAN and Asian Games as part of the Philippine team, is now busy in ABS-CBN as one of the resident cuties in afternoon soaps and variety shows.  Prior to joining showbiz, he was taking up Sports Management at the De La Salle University in Manila.  Too, he is one of the more prominent models of local brand Bench.  
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  1. Enchong is just but a LOCAL CHAMPION SWIMMER…it would be unfair and disgrace to Michael Phelps, the Torpedo Ian Thorpe, Matt Biondi, etc. to align Enchong Dee as a “champion swimmer”. looking back to his disastrous, disdainful international performances, it is but fair to say that Enchong’s fins are clipped forever. But alas! with that gorgeous face and body to die for, there is always modelling and showbiz to fall back into on dry dock…Right Ench?

  2. You said it!!
    Hopefully more projects pa for him to develop himself as an actor and of course to show off how good looking he is.

  3. Tama si anonymous na pang local lang si Enchong. Parang paniwala ng madlang Pinoy na napakagaling natin sa basketball pero nd pa rin successful sa continental competitions. Sa SEA Games naman talagang panalo tayo kasi walang tradisyon ang mga ibang bansa sa basketball. Pag kaharap na natin China, Japan, Korea, etc, tambak tau parati.

  4. there was a time enchong got me all hooked up and fantasized having him all night, until he joined showbiz and all the mystery is now gone. there is something magical, and sensual, about physically endowed athletes who remain out of showbiz. enchong to me now is just one those flickers who are about to go pffft anytime. next twinky please.

  5. rd i think i know where you got the 2nd pics cause i know the one who took the picture, do you have his permission?

    and also, he is taking up development studies not sports management

  6. nakakabitin naman ang shots. sana may trunks shot naman next time maski dyuts ang enchong. keri naman ng body at face kaya kebs na kung teeny weeny weener.

  7. badingski daw etong si enchong sabi ng friend ko na swimmer din..dati raw may bf siya kasamahan sa swimming team, ngayon naman, dancer daw ang bf niya..sayang!

  8. Anonymous, Dec. 18, 2008, 10:35 am

    Bakit sayang? Kasi bading siya? Ganun? Ang sayang ay yung mga tambay sa kanto na walang ng inintinde at ginawa kundi makipag-inuman.

  9. Agree, agree (December 18, 2008 5:30 PM). Old society and old school of thinking iyang pag bading, sayang. Ano sayang doon? Na di magkakaanak? Na naiiba? Gay is beautiful at HINDI SAYANG, whether paminta o parlorista o in between.

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