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IMG_1311There is a group out there that actually likes Geoff Eigenmann body-wise. While he may not be fit and fab these days, he’ still cute as a button. The 30-year-old actor has been Fighting the Flab all these years but he’s out there representing the dad bods and beer belly boys of this age. And now I digress to ….cutieclaims that he actually has a sex video and scandalous photos in the worldwide web, like this one.


Actually, that penis belongs to this anonymous (for now) boy, who’s a bit of a looker and could be a doppelganger for dear jelly-belly Geoff. Maybe a little help on the 411 of this guy?

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  1. Dear RD,

    Please take this down. This guy is in a happy relationship and is extremely nice. Let’s not ruin things for him.

    Thank you.

      1. His phone got stolen. This is the problem with the gay community. They can’t respect the private lives of other people. Enough damage has been done to them. And kudos to you telling the people that he is in a happy relationship. It’s very unfortunate that coming out to people was taken away from them. And this gay community is bastardising that glorious opportunity for them to actually accept who they are. Btw you whoever posted these can get sued. just saying

        1. Yeah someone can get sued for posting this online. Sure. They seem to be moneyed anyway. So go ahead. Hunt down all the owners and propagators of this material. Is this realistic? The point is these 2 gentlemen seem to be educated. Haven’t they learned their lesson from the many celebrities and non-celebrities, foreign and local, who suffered the consequences of putting their “private” material in a gadget? In the whole scheme of things, these 2 gentlemen should’ve used their common sense IF they feel strongly about their privacy. Again, what happened to them is NOT FAIR and SHOULD NOT HAPPEN TO ANYONE. But in a situation like this, it is equally pointless and foolish to blame “this gay community” that “bastardized the glorious opportunity for them to actually accept who they are.” Common sense dictates that in an age where PRIVACY can’t be guaranteed under whatever circumstance (not even the US Government was spared after the wikileaks issue), everyone should be more prudent and extra cautious with their decisions. Somewhere in their hormone soaked brains, they know that this could happen to them…that their videos could come out. But they still went through with it. Now they just have to man-up and understand the consequences of their decision. Such is life. No need to be bitter towards a community. Our values, our level of understanding, our motivations are different and unique. What you can control are your decisions. These 2 guys is now learning it the hard way. Painful yes. But this will not kill them. I say to them: Stand-up and move on. Lessons learned.

    1. In a happy relationship..then Why flirting around? Only he take the blame if his relationship fails. Therefore with his nekkid photo posted here, RD is an accessory?

        1. Agree with James. The anonymous guy fucks around at clark. He’s hooked up with everyone there and confirmed he has HIV.

  2. geoff is definitely hot and very much fuckable but his lookalike is a super hot cock! biglang tayo agad ang tarugs ko when i saw him holding his cock and his selfie pic, ang sarap sarap nya, nakakabaliw ang kanyang bod, pits and his cock! walang tigil na naman ang kajajakol ko nito!

      1. Lol. Are you stupid? They are a couple who was forcefully outed by the internet alter universe a.k.a. mga beki ng twitter.

  3. Ay salamat RD sa post na ito. Akala ko makakalimutan m na eh.

    Ang cute naman pala talaga ng guy na ito plus the armpit yumyumyum.

  4. si fashionpulis lang naman nag-insinuate na kay geoff eigenmann yun nude pics na un. gusto lang talaga ni mic sy lim na pag usapan ang site nya kaya gumagawa ng ingay

    1. yes, i saw his dad’s (michael de mesa) cock in one of his films in the 80’s ( the movie with ma isabel lopez, i forgot the title) and he’s really a biggie.

  5. sobrang irresponsible ni fashion pulis for baiting people to assume this is Geoff. He deserves jailtime para maturuan ng lesson

  6. Whoever believes this is geoff is stupid as fuck. Guys thanks to you; they were forcefully outed by the stupid desperate gay community of the internet, who wishes to have a taste of him. His phone was stolen. And now they no longer have that glorious opportunity to come out to the world in their own terms, instead of being respected with coming out, they are being shunned because of how you guys forcefully and disgracefully spread these stolen photos. I swear these bekis. I can’t even–

    1. While your point is valid, it is also worth considering that these 2 are young enough to understand how technology and social media works. In this day and age, even hollywood celebrities, who have huge resources at their disposal, can’t completely preserve their privacy. To use technology and social media now exposes anyone and everyone to the horrors of being exposed whatever it is that you’re trying to hide from the public. In this day and age, NO ONE is immune from being the subject of public scrutiny. You can rant all you want against the morals of the public and how disgraceful their appetite is for anything salacious but that will not stop these scandals from surfacing as this social phenomenon is linked to the very nature of technology itself. Sad but true. These forces are complex factors that are interlinked. The solution in this case is prudence. If you don’t want your deepest secrets to be exposed to the public then don’t put it in any technological device. I empathize with the 2 guys. What happened to them is unfair. But you can’t blame anyone for what happened. Alas, they must be too young also to understand the risks of taking those videos and photos.

      1. That was before pa. They dont normally push through witht it. I was suppose to threesome before pero the fiance of the anon does not want. Ended up being good friends with top guy. It was a stage in their relationship.

        But the dick thing is true. If only i can show you guys pero i dont want to be that guy hahahahahahaha! Lucky bottom swear. Never saw a perfectly shaped dick in my life. Well pornstars pero yung reachable.

        Anyway happy to say that they are not giving up trying to live a normal life. Great things to them.

        1. Anonymous guy aka Gab Mendoza still takes every opportunity to have sex, be bottomed and gives out a mean bj. Here’s his number if anyone’s interested.(0917)

  7. i like cubs and geoff is my fantasy guy! his body type i would consider perfect for me – not thin nor muscle bound, just the right amount of manly meat in sexy proportions…and that handsome face is to die for.

  8. The bottom is from Arrneow, I think. The top initially went to La Salle for an Engineering course then transferred to Enderun, either because of sheer passion or he just didn’t make the cut in Eng! The top is my cousin’s friend in FB…

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