Hot Men in the Philippines

“Gotta Have That Body!”

That’s the current catchword of beleaguered Belo Medical Clinic in this traffic hazard, er, EDSA billboard of actor Piolo Pascual.  It’s a double entendre, but whatever it means, everyone’s craving for that body, finely cut and curved in the proper places.  I’m thinking Piolo Pascual is getting better despite getting along in years.  After his stint in Cannes for a movie he produced, he’s busy yet again with tv and film projects. Too, he’s producing another flick, this time a comedy formula with fellow Bench and Belo hunk Dingdong Dantes in the cast.  
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  1. Hmmmm,…and why would Piolo get Dingdong to star in a flic he’s producing himself??? Bakit di si Sam Milby or anyone from his ABS camp? My answer: Even him, believes in Dingdong’s popularity.

  2. Hottah, hottah!
    I don’t care what they say about you, you are a nice person PIOLO is still No. 1!!!

  3. god, mark bautista is so lucky to land papa piolo.

    they’re a bit of a mismatch, but as long as they’re happy, good for them.

  4. to anonymous June 21 @ 12:41…

    ang gaga mo talaga. piolo has now branched as a producer and sees dingdong as a (lots of) money maker. ABS, GMA, gay, st8 or whatever. who the friggin cares. datung is the word and lots of it is object #1. natch.


  5. tama…wag na gawan ng issue c pj with dingdong coz pera perahan lang yan..mabenta si dingdong sa siyete combined with super avid fans ni pj na kahit di magana ang story ng movie ..tiyak,dudumugin! thats business.

  6. compare ba naman c dongdong kay piolo!

    ang layo!

    ang sarap ni piolo!

    sarap dilian ng kili kili
    sarap kagatin ng nipple
    sarap tikman ng milkshake mo papa.


  7. Perhaps one of you here hasn’t met Mark Bautista or seen him perform. His bubble butt & bulging crotch in those tight pants add up to his latent sex appeal. You wouldn’t wonder why Piolo or Rowell Santiago are drooling on the sidelines of ASAP.

  8. kahit naman may magpatotoo dito tungkol sa tunay na orientation ni piolo, di parin naman ito tatanggapin ng marami dito.

    like me, personally, i know of one factual story. of course, ang sasabihin ninyo, give the facts.

    but then again, if i give the facts, di parin naman ninyo paniniwalaan or tatanggapin, so what’s the point?

    but the most important matter of all…does it really matter if the guy is gay or not? maski pa sabihin or gamitin natin ang anggulo na kasi celebrity and public figure siya, kaya, ok lang na pagusapan ang bagay na ito dahil nakakabit na ito sa kanya as a downside to his being a public figure na nga.

    but then, guys/gays, go ask yourselves…will it make him a lesser person/artist if he is indeed gay or not? or better yet, ask yourselves…sige, di kayo mga artista/public figures, so it doesn’t make for an issue worth discussing in this forum. but still, tanungin ninyo sarili niyo…mga bading kayo di ba?…does your being bading automatically make you a lesser person than who you really are?

  9. ang tunay na brusko nasa GMA 7 ngayon noh mga sisters look at the finalist of GMA NEXT BIG STAR hunks: GREGGY SANTOS, ALEX CASTRO & GEOFF TAYLOR! Watch every saturday 7pm

  10. Anonymous said…
    i’d like to know who did his nose. it is nicely done.

    June 23, 2009 10:20 AM

    it’s BELO… where i had my nose done…galing nilang gumawa!

  11. sobrang sarap mo di2 papa p!…sarap jakolan…sobrang perfect lahat…titi nalang ang kulang…full course meal na

  12. hoy mga baklush, kapag naghubad ba si papa piolo sa harapan nyo para matikman nyo, ano ang gagawin nyo?
    A)luluhod ng walang belo B)iirap at sabay alis kasi nainsecure ka C)sisigaw ng “I Love U Piolo!”

  13. piola, be proud of who you really are! at least, you’re such a goodlooking gay di ba? sa dami na ng guys na natikman mo at nakatikim sa’yo, you can’t continously deny your being gay! come on piola, show your true colors! be a heroine like bebe gandanghari!

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