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Matt Evans to do Underage

Now that he is an adult, Matt Evans is taking on roles beyond cutesy stuff. ┬áHe is set to appear in ABS-CBN’s tv adaptation of the 80’s teen classic Underage. Of course, the original movie, shown in 1980, had Gabby Concepcion, Jimi Melendez┬áand Mark Gil in daring roles. ┬áMatt Evans is one of the leading men in the tv remake. However, he says that although the movie was generous with the nakedness of the guys, he will be showing only “some skin” to conform with tv standards. ┬áNevertheless, here’s one series worth watching, if only for Matt Evans who is getting sexier by the day.┬á
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  1. ay very yummy itich… lalo na nung pinastraight na ang buhok!!!! go matt! magjubad ka na sa indie films! put all those wannabees in their place!!!!

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