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Paolo Rivero still at it!

Juan Paolo Rivero was discovered by a talent agent while he was a front desk clerk at the Bataan Hilltop Hotel way back in 1999. Back then he was trying to make a living in the hotel although he graduated with a Medical Technology degree from the Far Eastern University in Manila. When Paolo Rivero entered showbiz, he was immediately cast as one of the male leads in the controversial movie Live Show. He did supporting roles thereater until he slipped away from the bright lights to work for a call center. Now, he’s doing gay-themed movies , e.g. Daybreak, M2M Versus and M2M4 EXXXXTREME . It looks like Paolo Rivero is here to stay for a while.
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  1. I like this guy, though he’s not as fresh as before there’s something in him. tsaka he looks mabait. I love him sobra dun sa daybreak.

  2. lakas ng appeal! gay ba siya? why he only does gay themed movies? but im not complaining, my eyes are always fixated on him, he can act too.

  3. he is respectable kahit nagbo bold sya sa mga movies nya. And he is talented too. I never heard any bad comments about him. I met him during daybreak premiere at the UP Film Institute he was very warm and approachable.

  4. love him..he is one of those guys who can act & be sexy as hell at the same time..i really like this guy..

  5. there’s something about this guy that just appeals to me… i can’t put it to words, but i can feel it in my skin. he looks like he’s someone who’d take care of you…i’m babbling…hahahahaha!!!

  6. We have to remember that Paolo Rivero almost had an Urian Best Actor award for Live Show (Toro)…one of the better young actors of this generation. Underrated. Under-utilized ang talent. He should have gone to TV like Coco Martin – saving grace yun para talaga maselyuhan ka na mahusay kang actor – mali ang mga handlers nito – at nakakaloka ang pagko-call center ha!

  7. i think i saw him once at mini stop behind pbcomm tower. Nagpapaload siya. Medyo galit pa ata sya kasi di ata dumating yung load.

  8. i think i saw him once at mini stop behind pbcomm tower. Nagpapaload siya. Medyo galit pa ata sya kasi di ata dumating yung load.

  9. ang taas naman ng bewang nito ikaw ba yan itay!!! parang kung magbrief nung unang panahon na mga lalake di na uso yan high waist

  10. shonga naman nung nagcomment na respectable dito natural public figure ka dapat mabait ka magaral ka naman becking shonga naman itech!!!

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