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Piolo is top Down Under

The bloke’s in his bathers and he is looking more spunky than ever! Top leading man Piolo Pascual has a new movie imaginatively titled Land Down Under [or is it Love Me Again?]and yes, it’s shot in Oz with some parts in Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao. The movie, which is slated for showing this holiday season, promises to “wow the audience with breathtaking cinematography” of the town of Impasug-ong in Bukidnon and the city of Darwin. Of course, it will also highlight the fact that Mr. Pascual is just so handsome, he has to appear shirtless in some parts of the movie. Good On-ya!
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  1. i looooove you piolo! mejo okray nga lang kc hnd n nmn nya binalandra ang kanyang bulge…or meron nga b? hahahhaa

  2. shit piolo… kelan kba mg-brief photo pics.. ang ganda nman ng body mo, sna one tym super sexy pics pa, brief nlng sna next tym.

  3. yup, he had his nose done after his movie Milan. i saw him when he was promoting it. it was a different nose, thicker and flaired nostrils. nicely done though.


    Papas Piolo and Sam (and Pokwang) are due for another (yes another after a so recent) show in North America April 2009. is this a sign of waning popularity in Pinas so they are doing the out-of-town circuit(Gosh! how many times Pilita has been over here) or are they out on a real estate bargain basement prices shopping spree in Malibu, Manhattan or the city by the bay. whatever, they are having a good time together and enjoying what they are doin. i’d like to get Pokwang into the sauce and make scandallous revelations…


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