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Dear Folded and Hung people, please do not drop actor Joem Bascon from your roll of models because he is steamy and sexy, worthy to wear your clothes, and although he is short, he has this boy-next-door image, you know, next door somewhere in inner city Manila where the streets are tough and the men are tougher, which is how Joem is like – lusty and hardy, rugged in other words [he is now sporting a real tat!] and although Hideo put on some bulge-defining briefs for your new underwear line, Joem can do that, too, as he did some short shorts billboard for F&H a season ago. P.S. Isn’t he channeling Piolo for Bench in this photo shoot wearing bespoke denims by Viktor Jeans?
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  1. nakakatuwa talaga no? iba iba talaga ang tastes ng mga tao. haha. may iba na super natatalaban sa appeal ni joem. at may iba naman na ang sinasabi, walang ka dating dating itong si piolo look alike kuno. so each his own talaga.

    as for me, i belong to the latter. though he may have that biglang tingin look na parang piolo, pero sad to say, anatomically, i don’t think he is anywhere an inch near to that of piolo’s.

    anyway, let the healthy debate continue.

  2. mukhang madungis..mas cute sya dati sa youth oriented show nila every saturday afternun with alex gonzaga ..nkalimutan ko na kung ano title bast hes jst ewn then..

  3. I bought Metro and disappointing kasi black and white ang pics ng mgahunks. Buti pa dito sa site na ito, colored ang mga boys. ewan ko ba saan nakuha ni RD. kaya wait na lang ako sa paglabas ng mga colored na pics dito. RD ilabas mo na si Aljur, Papa JC Tiuseco at Victor Aliwalas. Sama mo na si Raph at Joseph Marco.

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