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Sherwin Ordonez for Kurap

Late post. I just finished my 10-mile run at the One La Salle Run with lots of eye candy. Never have I seen so many cute guys in one run. Ok, I’m digressing from my post today. Erstwhile teen idol Sherwin Ordonez is coming out in his first movie [!] and first mature role on screen in the independent movie, Kurap. From the Sikil tandem of director Roni Bertubin and screenwriter Romualdo Avellanosa, Kurap is the story of small-time crooks in innercity Manila and how their lives tragically spiral in a day. The movie will have its world premiere in the Asian and Arab competition section of the 10th Osian’s Film Festival in New Delhi from July 12 to 20. And by the way, shirtless picture first of Sherwin, who did daring scenes in the movie. More revealing photos of cute Sherwin once the movie gets scheduled for showing in Manila.
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  1. Malaki pa ang bilbil niya sa akin. I’m not saying bilbils are bad, I’m just saying he looks better with a shirt.

  2. Cute ni Papa Sherwin! Cute ng nipples at ang mga konting bilbil…

    Now, here’s to wishing that RD will post some of Sherwin’s pit pics.


    Pretty please, RD? (kung meron?)

    Love ya ;-P

  3. i’m excited to see more of his daring pix here.sana magwork-out sya to cut some bilbil.
    nakaka-excite talga sya ngayn doing mature roles.
    waiting for more post.

  4. In a relationship, better be prettier than the other person. That’s why I like Sherwin Ordonez. You will feel indispensible. 😉

  5. carry na kung may bilbil…

    class a actor naman sya hahahaha

    seriously sherwin is a long-time showbiz kras.

    cant wait for the more daring pics!!!

    let’s watch the film…

  6. MR. AVERAGE GUY…he’s a real man! complete with beer belly or is it coco cream puff. out with the mundane and the cliche muscle boy look. sherwin looks healhy and enjoying life.

    LOVE HANDLES are useful too…when you are down on you knees, blowing Mr. Average, suddenly you lose balance. where do you turn for help?…of course his bilbil or love handles. you see potpot maria, God made every part of the body to serve a purpose.

    LEX BONIFE… hope i AMUSED you today. Have a good day!

  7. he looks delicious, boyish looks, fine light colored nipples, love handles and all!!

    hope the package inside wont disappoint me.

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