Hot Men in the Philippines

The Bautistas

Christian BautistaDon’t let me start extolling their talent in singing, because that fact is a given: these boys are good at what they do! Today is rather different because we’re seeing them in a different light. Or under the light, with no shirts on. First up is Christian Bautista who’s filling in the shoes of our dear Raymond for Sexy Solutions, because apparently the sexy solution didn’t, uh, quite work. This time, it did wonders for Christian who didn’t have to do anything strenuous to get those abs. Too bad he shaved the hair there though.

markAnd then there’s Mark Bautista! It’s always a joy to see him like this: shirtless and with .. I think those are the pointiest nips I’ve ever seen in a while. Physical attributes aside, he’s a good crooner, theater actor and an all-around nice guy in person. Okay, I can’t really put the physical attributes aside because his talent matches his good looks.

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  1. these two men really did their homework with regards to their bodies! now they’re hot as ever! i’m excited to see them in skimpy bikinis with vpl or in thongs but right now, jakol mode to the max imagining their throbbing cocks in my mouth.

        1. Enzo… So do you know how to use it properly? Bka nman pampam k lng din.. Haha.. Correction.. Tama lang walang “with regards” pero merong “with regard”

  2. Kaelya ever si Mark! Kakainin ko singit nya at didilaan ko itlog nya na maalat! Pati butas ng pwet nya na maasim asim!!!!

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