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The Fat Memo

GMA resident actor Geoff Eigenmann was recently served a memo by the higher ups calling attention to his burgeoning weight. Aptly so, considering that he’s in the leading-man department of the station. Maybe the big bosses wanted him to look like this, when a few years ago he was a Cosmo centerfold and underwear endorser. And then again, even if he were fit and lean, he would still be issued that fat memo. Tee-hee.
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  1. Hello naman 🙂 the eigenmanns are known to have big burats noh just look at their fathers 🙂 dako kung dako

  2. eh kung fat ba naman titi nya,walang problema! diba nga namention noon ni gabby na “dakila” ang mga lahi nila

  3. Post ka naman ng bakat pics ni ryan eigenman… I remember na may movie siya (lastikman ata) na nagpanggap siya na siya yung superhero super bakat… At malaki

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