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Now that he has been proclaimed as one of the councilors of the second district of Quezon City, actor Alfred Vargas is taking a break from showbiz. Although he said that he’s not exactly abandoning the glare of the klieg lights, he’s more inclined to give priority now to politics, er, public service. This move by the 28-year-old swarthy actor could mean less sexy nekkid photo shoots like the one above. Too bad.
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  1. sarap ng pwet ni Papa Alfred. hehehe buti na lang nagpose pa sya noon. sana ulitin nya pag wala na syang political career.

  2. mga gaga i dont believe c alfred yan pinotoshope lang… try you enlarge the picture.. hiwalay yung leeg

  3. I bought the X Ray magazine with him all over the pages years ago and surprisingly, I didn’t even get aroused. He became overrated na kasi kaya siguro ganun. Tee-hee.


  4. lufet mo naman bekbek como nagtapos sa ateneo di na puede maglabas ng fekfek? ano gusto mo? i-safety gyud ang ficos masin niya! ay ay kalisud! taas ng standard ng isang ito ha!

  5. ano ba nman itong mga bekbek d2 sarap na sarap na sa lagay na yan.

    ano bang masarap dyan? haaiz
    ewan ko senyo. kasunod na please!

  6. ang sarap kagatin ang pwet, iangat ng konti ang pwet, tapos dilaan ang bayag at chupain habang nakadapa sya hahaha

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