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Aljur Does Bench

Not that I’m pimping Aljur Abrenica that much but I just have to post and share this ad of the cute young hunk finally joining the Bench bandwagon of models in sexy poses. Well, he didn’t wear ’em size-under Bench Body briefs but just the same, the shirtless-in-jeans look is smokin’! Who knows, he’ll be in those tiny jockeys pretty soon, when his meme, I mean – name finally takes off after the showing [and success] of his movie with the long title, formerly I’ll Be Waiting For You.
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  1. Good to hear that Aljur will be endorsing Bench. He definitely need an ‘upgrade’ when it comes to personality (which GMA talent center always fails to do for their stars). Hopefully magiging ‘sushyal’ na ang packaging ni Aljur.

    Anonymous September 27, 2009 9:33 AM referring to Kris…Kris who? Bernal ba? Another ‘blah’ talent of GMA.

  2. may primetime show ba sya sa GMA 7 after natapos ang huli nya? Sana hindi mawala ang momentum nya habang sikat. bigyan sya lagi ng projects.

  3. basta kami gerald anderson, may class at mas may dating. si aljur, plainlooking na trying hard pa din na starlet. miles away na ang lamang ni gerald anderson…

  4. oo nga kelan pa naging Susyal ang Bench?! haha not unless nag Valentino siya or D&G level or even Armani para maging SUyal noh lol

    anyways atleast gumagana ang career

  5. kung ayaw nyo c aljur…then dont leave a comment or even look at his pics…rd is just giving me a fav cuz aljur makes my dick so fucking hard!

  6. Mga baklang walang alam kundi magbgay ng mga negative comment sana isa na kayo sa inanood sa baha last saturday all of you are so mean and bull shit.

  7. To say that Bench as a brand is ‘cheap’ is absurd and I bet you don’t own anything from the brands some people here have been name dropping. And some people here have the audacity to say Bench is cheap when their communication skills plainly speak ‘crass’

    This is not about Bench (the brand) but about Aljur gaining recognition because of the brand and not because of the studio/station representing him.

  8. basta kami gerald anderson, may class at mas may dating. si aljur, plainlooking na trying hard pa din na starlet. miles away na ang lamang ni gerald anderson…–at retokado si aljur!

  9. In fairness maganda ang pagka retoke ng ilong ha.

    Yung pala ang sikreto.

    Kaya lang wag na sana ikumpara sa natural beauty. Nakakahiya. Masama ang manlinlang.

  10. oo nga kung makapagsalita ang mga bading na ito akala mo naman afford nila ang mahal na brands. Baka nga…yung mga nasa divi…=))

  11. Why mock Bench? I really don’t know why a lot of people tag “popular” products as “jologs” or “iskwater” or whatever. Just in case you don’t know, Bench is a big contributor in the things that we enjoy from the services that the government provides to us (it may not be a lot but still, there things that the government gives us) through the taxes that they are paying. It is one of the biggest in the multi million peso fashion industry so I think, tagging it as “jologs” is an understatement (no pun intended) in monstrous proportions. Can you say that the artists that endorses bench are “Jologs”? Admit it or not, those celebrities have more money, more popular and more gorgeous than you guys who mocks Bench. If those things are the parameters of being tagged as “Jologs”, I want to be one.

  12. Ang problema sa Pilipino walang bilib sa sariling produkto. Kesyo gawa sa ibang bansa ay sosyal na. Hala bumili na ng mga made in China at Korea na nagkalat sa Divisoria.

  13. super duper flop nga daw ang movie ng aljur. wawa naman ng papa aljur. chaka kase nung ka love team nya.

  14. ang size ng ari ni aljur is 7.4 inches. kay gerald nmn is 8.2 inches. mas mhaba ang kay gerald. tpos ung lpad kay aljur is 2.6 while kay gerald is 2.4. so mas mlaki kay aljur. hehehe. info lng.

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