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I’ll Be Waiting For You

That would have to be the title of the new movie of emerging heartthrob Aljur Abrenica for Regal Films. Photo above is one of the first and exclusive images of the actor shooting the romantic film in scenic Bohol. According to showbiz pundits, the big film outfit is taking a flyer on this one with cute Aljur as he has never gone solo as the leading man in a movie before. Yet, the venture’s confidently placed on Aljur and his romantic interest because of the phenomenal ratings of their afternoon soap before [Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin] and their prime time series now [All My Life] in GMA-7. It seems like Aljur’s star is rising.
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  1. his acting is improving and he knows how to play with the camera… then pag half naked na kalaglag panty na

  2. matinee idol na 2ng c aljur.. di pa pa tweetums.

    his physcail features ay pang sexy adult na talaga 🙂

    – josh

  3. sinasabi ko na nga ba na may mararating tong batang ito. Showbiz needs refreshing looks like his nowadays. Simple, neat and charming.

  4. he is the next richard gomez….. yummyyyy besides he is very talented, he can act, dance and sing vry well.

  5. DA VINCI couldn’t have painted a more perfect picture. yes maybe he has developed an attitude problem bcoz of his new found success. but isn’t that true to everyone else who has reached the pinnacle. keep on admiring, savouring and lusting youthful Aljur. come sunset he would be cast aside and newbbies a floundering. AH! the life they call SHOWBIZ.

  6. he should slow down a bit. sa news kagabi ang payat-payat ng mukha niya. para siyang tuyot.

    sa sobrang trabaho nya, nawawala na ang freshness nya considering batang-bata pa sya. kaya sana hinay-hinay lang.

  7. Nagpa injection yata sa upper lip namamaga ang pangit. pero mukhang okey ang retoke sa ilong. ganda rin ng katawan ngayon.

  8. super hot ni papa aljur d2…sana naiwan ung shorts mo nung umahon ka sa tubig para kita etits mo!

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