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Mondays aren’t really that baad…

Image : Alvin Montano

This might change your Monday mood. For a while. In a recent study entitled Memories of “Bad” Days Are More Biased Than Memories of “Good” Days: Past Saturdays Vary, But Past Mondays Are Always Blue published by Charles Areni and Mitchell Burger of the University of Sydney, it was found that, on average, people’s moods remained about the same throughout the week. Mondays were not as depressing as people thought and Fridays and Saturdays were not as exciting as people predicted. The results, according to the study, demonstrate the memory bias: when thinking back, we tend to recall the worst incidence of an event we’ve experienced before. Mondays are stereotypically depressing, so we tend to recall the worst Mondays. Fridays and Saturdays are stereotypically exciting so we tend to recall the best Fridays and Saturdays. Consequently, in reality our mood fluctuation over the week might not follow the stereotypical pattern of a steady increase from a low on Monday to a high on Saturday. Instead our weekly average mood profile could be much flatter than we imagine, according to the study.
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  1. I don’t like Mondays so much, I tend to feel blue every Sunday night…

    High school pa lang, dini-dread ko na ang Sunday nights. Specially if my first class on Monday is Math. I’m deathly afraid of Math teachers, I swear.

    Ngayon that I’m already working, or make that I’m starting on a new job, Sunday nights are still depressing. The thought of Monday, the start of another week to be spent with a new environment, new work culture, scares me a bit.

    Hay, sana makapag-adjust na ako.

  2. That was interesting! For me Mondays are typically depressing. I hate to wake-up for work. Tom Wilson once said that “Mondays are the potholes in the road of life.” But with the photo of Alvin Montano, I have no reason to hate Mondays.

  3. Very nice RD! This one really caught my attention! Hope you make our Mondays and the rest of the week in high spirit,RD! More please! thanks!

  4. NO NASTY OR BITCHY COMMENTS FOR THIS GUY. he is .999 solid gold. RD, any day is a GOOD day to be with Alvin. that trickle of manly hair is so well placed in his lovingly adorable torso…SAILOR, ANCHOR UP, we’re heading to Manila.

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