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Andrew does Bola

New boy on the block Andrew Miguel is all set to the new indie movie Bola.  As the title suggests, it will be a take on the lives of varsity basketball players and their extracurricular activities.  The 5’8″-tall Andrew will take the lead and most likely, Jolas Paguia will be there, too.  Andrew Miguel is in two Cinemalaya entries next month – Astig and Bayaw. Moreover, he’s busy promoting his group YM‘s new recording album.
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  1. is it just me or does andrew miguel look different than his previous pics here?

    he looks… chunkier?

    or is it just me…

  2. after Bola why not make a film on “Load”, guys who trade sex for load he he he he or same with “Toma”, sex in exchange for liquor and karaoke.

  3. haha…Bola…very much inspired by the likes of former varsity players such as Ram Sagad, Zanjoe Marudo, James Zablan and many more, with their ‘sponsor’ named Rey Pamaran. Oh yeah, i almost forgot, JAMES YAP hahaha!!! you can search Rey Pamaran in friendster or Facebook so you may know what I mean…

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