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Andrew Miguel comes

Fresh and yummy boy Andrew Miguel is busy.  After the release of his straight-to-video flick Freshman,  he is in the feature-length movie Astig [Mga Batang Kalye] starring Dennis Trillo and Paolo Paraiso.  Astig is one of the finalists in next month’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition.  He’s also in the soon-to-be released flick Bayaw with Paolo and Janvier  and in another “special interest” video called Bola, about the lives of basketball players and their sponsors.  The 5’8″-tall Andrew Miguel is 21 years old and a student at the Asia Pacific College in Makati City. As one of the members of the new boy-group YM [Young Men], he can sing and dance.  Tee-hee.
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  1. bakit ganon parang wala xang amor sa picture n to??

    something wrong..


    anyway yummy pa rin xa..

    i love you andrew!

  2. wow, very talented pala 2ng guy na ito.. 🙂

    so has anyon saw or bought d dvd of FRESHMAN??? Ok ba???



  3. Just a piece of advice to those who are planning to buy Andrew Miguel’s video “Freshman”, please don’t just think it twice BUT 100 times. The said video from Videoflick is just a waste of money. Let’s be practical! If you want you can go to Quiapo area where you can get a pirated copy, which is also as clear as an original copy for only 20 pesos.

  4. Korek ka dyan, sister! Maliit nga. I-slow motion mo ‘yong part na umahon siya sa swimming pool then halos wala kang makita. Ang lakas ng loob maghubad eh dyutay lang pla. Mag-bukas ka na lang ng lata ng Vienna Sausage mas ma22wa kpa.

  5. wag bumili ng Freshman video harang lang walang frotal. infernezz ke RD nag warn sya sa caveat na walang makikita or split second lang ata. pero cute at flawless si andrew i must say..

  6. di naman maganda eh…buti na lang sa quiapo ko ito binili, 25 pesos lang. tama sabi ng ibang mga nag comment dito, super WK pa rin!!! walang kwenta…Mas ok pa yung SELDA maganda istorya. Itong freshman ndi man lang ako tinigasan hahahhahahha..

  7. guys, tnx sa mga comment sa FRESHMEN video, so off to quaipo i go…sory, although supporter talaga ako ng BUY orig dvd lalo sa mga m2m pinoy indie films, this time, i think em gonna eat my foot para at least ma busog pa ako at makatipid…aehhehee

    Quaipo, wait for me…….

  8. wow naman rddantes… nung first na pinost mo about to. grbe, lagi ko na syang sinusubaybyan… I’m so glad na sa Asia Pacific COllege sya magaaral… dun din ako kaso di ko sya makikita for 6 months… next year na since im having my Internship Program.. so sad nman.. i’ll email na lang him kaso masydong busy ata to.. Mr. Moderator… What’s his full name (including middle intial..) tnx

  9. sarap naman. nakabili ako ng original dvd. walang masyadong pinakita BUT sulit pa rin sa kaguwapuhan si andrew! at ang pwet, ang kinis!!! lalaking lalaki!

  10. Well I haven’t really seen the video pero sa nagsasabing maliit lng nang umahon sa pool. Ciguro natural reaction lng ng penis nya yun dahil sa malamig na tubig. I’m sure there are guys (including me) na parang umurong ang etits pag nagsi-swiming…

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