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Geron and Angelo

These guys are my top bets in Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 – Geron Lontoc [left] and Angelo Cacciatore. The Mossimo finals, which was originally set last Saturday in Boracay was re-scheduled to 23 May 2009 at the Skydome of SM North EDSA.  Tickets are free, provided you get them now as they are on a first-come, first-served basis. I’m betting on tall and sexy Geron to win this one, and Angelo as an alternative choice for the title. See you all there on finals night!
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  1. Hi RD,

    How can we get tickets for the show? I heard its free but on your website u said its first-come,first-serve basis, so who will be the distributor? and will it be inside the mall?

    Anyways you have nice bets. But mine is Jiro. He’s simple yet appealing. Thanks.

  2. yup the big question here is

    san po tayo maka2kuha ng tickets

    hahahahaa…hope they informed us!!


  3. Oh My God!

    Can’t thank you enough for featuring my bet, Mr. Geronimo Lontoc Jr! He’s The One! He’s got the whole package: God-like looks, height, character and charisma.

    P.S. How can we have the fee tickets? Please respond to our query. Thanks in advance!

    From: Mimi

  4. look at the bulges of angelo, dah super laki, lontok well ordinary looking angelo is more good looking and sexy

  5. I was there sa boracay when it was cancelled.The stage collapsed and the sound system was damaged. Sobrang malas dahil yun lang yung gabing umulan ng sobrang lakas. The organizers opted to move the contest date dahil wala ng stage and sounds. So yun. 🙂

    Jr tirona must win! body and brains! 🙂 lawyer in the making!

  6. Geron ako. Geron! Come to Mommy. Don’t come to Daddy. Lemme give you a nice bath, a tight hug and a deep, wet, hot, unforgettable head.

  7. Ay, male. Correction to previous post. Angelo pala. Si Geron pala yung medyo mataba at senior citizen. Kay Angelo pala ako. Come, Angelo, my angel dear, yakapin mo ang Mommy. And I’ll give you an unforgettable…

  8. C Angelo boyfriend nya ung adrian model ng coke and kfc and co contestant nya sa mosimo and century tuna. Sana gumawa din cla ng video parang katrina hayden. yummy.

  9. ay naku, eto na naman po tayo….palibahasa, di naman kayang magetsing ang mga mhin na naka feature sa site ni rd, kaya ayan, mag imbento na lang tayo ng mga kwento tutal, di rin naman napunta sa kanila, kaya ayan, gawan ba ng mga chismax?

    show proof first before you open your mouths please.

  10. ano ba yan, winners na naman entries ni Robert Caindoc, at nakakalabas masok sya sa activities eh yung ibang agents/managers bawal, sobrang pulitika na yan ha, kaya kinakarma at binabagyo ang mbs e, diba?

  11. Hmm, ano namang chismis yan tungkol kay Angelo. Baka buddy-buddy lang yung dalawa. Sino ba si Adrian? Ano apelyido? Hindi naman siguro Asor.

  12. korek! i agree with comment of Anonymous May 21, 2009 12:37 AM. sa lahat ng agents/managers ng mga kandidato ng mossimo, tanging ung robert lang ang pwede mag labas-masok sa mga activities dahil kadikit nito ang organizer. sigurado na ang panalo ng mga alaga nya dahil ang judges sa preliminary at finals night ay mga alaga rin nya na past winners. in fact, sya lang sa mga agents ang binigyan ng mossimo ng free accommodations sa fairways last weekend. ayan, nagalit tuloy si Lord kaya pinaulanan nalang sila para hindi matuloy ang pageant sa bora. hahahaha!!!!

  13. I just came from the summit! My Geronimo lost it! Can’t still believe it! I really felt for him, because he was in tears after the show. I saw him crying in front of his friends…he must have been telling them ’sorry’ for disappointing them. It seemed like he was devastated for what had happened. Good thing, his friends were kind enough to comfort him. I wanted to comfort him too, because I’m a Big Fan, but I was just too shy to approach him. I felt like it had to be his moment with his ‘real friends.’ Just one anecdote, I would’ve have had a crystal clear close up picture with him, if not for the low battery of my Canon camera! So I had to use the camera of my friend’s cellphone, but, unfortunately, he was not able to adjust the resolution into a higher level, thus our picture together was just the size of the screen of his cellphone! Haha! At least, I had a pic with him! I also appreciated his effort of going down from the stage just to have a picture with me and my friend! He’s such a nice person, indeed! I know this is not the end of his plan to enter the tumultuous world of showbiz. Way to go Geron! He actually made it to the Top 6, but he lost it to the Top 3. Jai Ho to you My Geron!

    Jiro Shirakawa grabbed the title, by the way!

    From: Mimi

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