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Anthony Logan in Macau?

Anthony Logan , the senior stripteaser of the group Provoq, is reportedly working in Macau, too.  That explains why he has not been very visible lately.  Apparently, he’s with a group of Filipinos performing at the DD3 Disco at the Fisherman’s Wharf.  DD3 is strictly not a strip club but it has male and female dancers who perform on stage while guests – mostly Chinese nationals with a smattering of Westerners – drink up and listen to loud club music. It is a good thing that Mr. Logan has found more gainful employment abroad.  
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  1. nope he is back in manila..unfortunately 🙂 hindi sya maka benta ng drinks which is required for every staff ng DD3 🙂 two weeks ago pa sya nakabalik dito according to JM Gatchalian who works in DD3 too

  2. lecheng club na yan sa Macau! gusto ko nang sumugod! lalo na kung nasa ledge itong si papa anthony nang ganyan lang ang suot! LOL

  3. AHHH MACAU! where old ships come to rest and SINK.

    but Mommy, I am not a gambler. what will i do in old Macau, after seeing all the historical antiquities. DD3 opens late and the male show not until 3 AM did you say?…i’ll be sailing back to H.K. in my Prada sunglasses to hide my bloodshot eyes…

    but at least i’ll get to see Johnron (before his bow sinks).

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