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Included in this season’s campaign for Bench Body is 24-year-old PRFU rugby player Gaz Holgate. The hunky Filipino-Welsh athlete currently plays for the Japanese club Kyuden Voltex. He has appeared as a Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine bachelor and in a music video.
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  1. i find this guy cute and hunky at the same time. love him.

    on another topic, mabuti pa itong Philippine Volcanoes, walang issue na nasangkutan except ng maglaway ang madaming officials sa kanilang underwear billboards. am surprised ang azkals has been involved in a couple of alleged sexual harassment issues already. gayahin na lang nila ang volcanoes na kapag di busy sa laro, ay busy sa pagsayaw sa mga tv shows as Cookies and Cream. hehehehe

  2. wow! nice abs
    super gwapo ni gaz

    anong name,age,height nung hunk na ksama ni tito boy sa tvc nia for hyperacidity???

  3. Hindi b ninyo alam si rd at ben chan ay iisa lang. Kaya palagi una nilalagay d2 ni rd ang mga pic sa bench.

  4. Hay naku! The sad state of Philippine sports….they end up modeling underwear when nothing has been proven 🙁 at least dagdag ito sa sex trade of those who can afford.

  5. jusko nilagnat din akey ng makita ko tong ad na to sa isang magazine. gora na mga teh sa mga bench body shops all over the metro. nandun mga photos ni gaz–larger than life! at ating sambahin. lol

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