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Twenty-six-year-old Filipino-Australian Luke Landrigan is arguably the poster boy of Philippine surfing. He has won competitions here and abroad, to name them would take up most of the space here. On slow days, you can find him in his surfing school, The Billabong Surf School in San Juan, La Union. You can easily spot the place where he stays because he has a huge Billabong billboard in the highway leading to the surf camp. Now that summer’s here, it gets pretty busy up North where Luke teaches beginners and surfer wannabees.
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  1. rd naman, walang waves sa san juan la union pag summer, flat yung ocean. pano magdadagsaan ang mga nagsusurf dun? eh halos walang tao dun pag summer break.

  2. mukhang loshang na itich! how old na vah sha? very thundercat na ang appearance, or pangit lang ang kuha ditich? ditey kasi sa pic na itich very gurangutan everlyn.

  3. alam ko gwapo to eh, pero hindi lang tama ang kuha siguro. tsaka, pag nakakantanda ang palaging nakabilad sa init ng araw.

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