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Metro Body: Jake

Philippine Volcanoes member Jake Letts never fails to dizzy-dazzle in the Sexy Department. Remember his Bench Body ad a few years ago with his team mates? The one that generated some controversy along EDSA. Well, he’s taking it a notch higher this time for the Body Issue of Metro Magazine by posing in the buff with just a Balenciaga Padlock All Time Tote to hide away the family jewels. Hawt!
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  1. Panong naging mas hot toh eh sa bench pictorials nila puro felix bakat, tapos sa pictorial na yan dahil sa mga lecheng bags wala kang maaninag!

  2. He’s one of the 3 guys I like sa Volcanoes, though mas nagwagwapuhan at nacucute-an ako kay Gaz Holgate… But yeah, sa Volcanoes I find him, Gaz and Andrew Wolff the hottest

  3. Jake Letts do it! Now. Na.

    RD maiba lang ako – anyareh sa post mo last Monday tungkol sa nahuli ni Ahron Villena na namboboso at nag-video sa kanyang pagligo sa Gold’s Gym? Ansabeh ng nagpatanggal sa yo ng post na yun?

  4. “May laying pinoy kaya sya?”

    Di ba pwedeng lahing muna bago ginataang laying? 🙂

    And I say…world peace po!

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