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Bayaw Tomorrow!

The movie of Paolo Rivero [in photo], Janvier Daily and Andrew Miguel entitled Bayaw has finally been approved by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] for commercial showing starting tomorrow. Here’s the official word from the producer, Climax Films: “Cinemalaya NETPAC World Competition top grosser Bayaw has just been given the R-18 rating by the MTRCB. After weeks of meeting with the MTRCB panelists, the controversial film has been re-edited by director Monti Parungao so that the integral scenes that people want to see can still be seen. Audiences are advised to keep a watchful eye. Bayaw will open on 23 September 2009 in the following theaters – Robinsons Galleria, Ruben, Remar, Gotesco Grand, Gotesco Ortigas, Isetann and New Cinema Cebu. Also watch out for screenings in Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Bacolod, Robinsons Iloilo, Robinsons Novaliches and Robinsons Metro East.” So there!
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  1. i’ll give a month or two and it will be selling for $2 at the mall. a month ago i picked up SAGWAN and Piolo’s MANILA. most of the exciting parts in Sagwan are deleted. the story sucks. saving glory is the beautiful cast and the scenic views. still got to watch Manila.

  2. Hay naku Paolo Rivero! Matanda na! Hanggang ngayon naghuhubad pa rin. Pinagsawaan na to ng mga bakla. Sobrang pabooking to!

  3. Maliit lang ang ari ni Paolo. If I know 33 or 34 years old na sya. Losyang na! At kung sinu-sino ang sinasamahan nya magkapera lang. Paolo, grow up!!!

  4. of all his indie films, i love Daybreak the most. his intimate scenes with coco martin in that movie are so touching and brought the reality of gayness closer to home, and to my heart – that gays are capable of true love, of the ideal type of sharing one’s self with the other male, versus pure lust and carnal desires prevalent, it seems, among many gays I know.

    but it’s his movie with paolo serrano that stirred my lust, probably because paolo serrano is one of my best fantasies.

    rd, could you post an update on paolo serrano please? thanks.

  5. sana man lang mag ka mainstream na sya na movies, yung mag establish sa kanya as a fine actor. hindi yung puro hubaran na lang.

  6. akala ko ba e rich ang family nya at they own a hotel somewhere sa Bataan eh bakit naghuhubad pa din sya hanggang ngayun?

  7. can the producers leave word on this site and confirm once and for all that the full frontal scenes of Paolo and Janvier are intact for the commercial showing??

  8. Me la guardia sa MTRCB. Wag na kayong mag ilusyon. Nasa rules and regulations and no frontal policy. Siempre deleted 100%. Press release lang lahat to create a hype para panoorin nyo mga bakla kayo…hehehehe..Bakla na nga uto-uto pa..heheheh uli…

  9. Kayong mga bakla kau puro frontal scene yang gusto nyong makita sa pelikula!!! yan ba basis nyo sa pagnuod ng movie na ‘to!?!?!

  10. haay naku. wa na yang mga sizzling dick scenes. wag na magsayang ng P350.00. if u haven’t watched it at the premiere, don’t hope that the uncut version will be on dvd.

  11. i just watched it sa reuben kanina. andun pa din frontal nina janvier and paolo. mabilis nga lang yung kay paolo. wag kukurap. dami tao sa first screening. panalo!

  12. kung sex scenes ang habol nyo, you will be hugely disappointed. yung frontals ni paolo, blurred yung genitals nya. me frontal si janver pero malayo at madilim ang scene. mukhang iniksian yung mga sex scenes (i didn’t see the un-edited version).

    sayang. nagmumura yung sex appeal ni janver. and he acted very well. me lalim ang acting. sana mabigyan pa ng mas challenging roles si janver. he has the potential to cross-over to the mainstream just like coco.

    magaling din si Paolo and the other actor whose name I forgot.

    me mga butas ang kuwento and u can’t find a sillier police chase in any other film. but all in all, this is a good film. yun nga lang kung libog ang habol nyo, this might not be the film for you.

  13. Basura itong film na to. At ang mga lead actors na Paolo and Janvier, mga walang histura. Paolo, ang tanda na! Mukhang kargador. Janvier naman mukhang tubero.

  14. Hoy anonymus on top of my comment kung makapanlaitka akala mo kagandahan ka look at you face mukhang bulog na puwet ni Alina.

  15. naku, eh pasalamat pa nga tayo sa mga pag usbong ng mga gay themed indie films at nagkaron ng mga careers ang tulad nila paolo rivero, marco morales, et al.

    otherwise, san pa pupulutin ang mga ito? di naman makapasok pasok ang tulad nila sa mainstream.

    opinion ko lang yan. walang kokontra.

  16. to be frank nanood ako kase hot ung 2.

    okey naman ang istorya. magaling sila janvier.

    kaso bakit ganun ung cinematography. nanood ka n nga sa sine peru parang pirated.

    sana man lang na convert ung file na pang sine. though i know million din ung budget.

    sana they should have invested some money if they believe its a good movie. i watched pirated copy of sagwan. kahit walang wenta at least ang ganda ng scenery di ba?

    disappointing. sa mga bading na habol ay titi. mas madidis appoint kayu! hahahaha

  17. Bayaw…wlang kwentang pelikula…sayang lang ang time and money ..kung d lang ako nilibre, baka ngrefund lang ako…haay….

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