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If you’re trying to figure out how hot Aljur is in Bench Body underwear, maybe this fan-made photo will do the trick. More or less. Now, you know this won’t happen in real life because he was dropped by the underwear company for reasons we can infer from the following excerpts in Aljur’s complaint for judicial confirmation of rescission of contract against GMA:

As further proof of gross mismanagement, just recently, due to another mishandling by GMA of a fashion show for leading apparel brand Bench (Suyen Corp.), which became a comedy of errors on top of a communication breakdown, ALJUR lost his endorsement contract with the said brand.

Thus, sometime in January 2014, Bench once again offered ALJUR an endorsement contract. GMA wanted to get on the good side of Bench thus asked ALJUR to sign a Bench Body contract along with the Bench apparel contract. The agreement was for ALJUR to do a campaign wearing only his underwear. ALJUR, as usual, was not comfortable with the idea but was convinced to submit because he was told that if he signed up, GMA would ensure a big launch with the decency and formality as that of Dingdong Dantes, another GMA talent, when the latter did a similar campaign for the same apparel company. As the shoot date scheduled on 12 July 2014 approached, ALJUR requested for the specifics of the shoot, including the kind of underwear he was going to wear, and whether the “Dingdong-type” launch was going to happen. GMA could not give him an answer. ALJUR kept following up his request for weeks before the shoot but to no avail. On 11 July 2014, a day before the shoot, GMA still withheld the “pegs” to ALJUR despite his assiduous demand and no information about the launch was conveyed to him.

Due to the uncertainty of what was going to happen in the morning, ALJUR requested from the Artist Center that the pegs or the actual underwear be sent to him, and the kind of launch that will be had be confirmed not later than 9:00 o’clock that night, because he wanted to sleep early so as to look his best should the shoot proceed. At 10:30 of that same night, however, ALJUR’s Artist Center Manager, Tracy Garcia, informed ALJUR that his contract with Bench was cancelled without giving ALJUR any clear reason.

All of the aforementioned instance show that GMA breached its obligations under the management contract, as it miserably failed to “exert its best efforts to promote and enhance the best interest and welfare of ARTIST with the end in view of properly and effectively tapping and developing his talents and professional potentials.”

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  1. Super arte naman kasi ng kahiy na to!

    Pati underwear ieexamine muna daw niya at ng handler niya. Kaloka di ba!? Naimbyerna tuloy ang bench sa kanya

  2. bakit ba kasi takot siya magsuot ng skimpy brief or whatever? may itsura naman siya at kung kailangan magpakita ng bukol, e di go! lalaki naman siya at ndi makakasira sa image niya. all the more madagdagan market value niya. he could be perceived as a sexy actor and get more roles. weird talaga. baka duty free? hahaha.

  3. Haist an tagal tagal kong hinintay mgunderwear shoot an aljur,,sanan nmn ngyn me prob n cla ng gma eh mas maiisipan nya mgpasexy anyway dun din nmn diretso to revive a career..

  4. Teka db matagal n cyng endorser ng Bench anu bng lauching ang gusto nyng mangyari! Alam ko si Dingdong kya cya nabgyan ng ganung grand welcming ng bench dahil new endorser cya at sobrang sikat sya as sergio of marima, kasama pa 100 sexiest man in the world

  5. noon dati, madali lang iyan kausapin sa Angeles City. Hintayin mo lang sa may basketbolan sa Diamond Subdivision, puwede mo nang invite.

      1. reggie, at saka noon hindi siya malinis sa katawan. may mga days na may amoy. kung sa bagay sa 500 ba naman maghahanap ka pa?

  6. sana paki intindi yung statement, it was gma who ignored him, he kept asking before ng photoshoot pero no response from the management. its always prooven that gma7 has poor mangement sa artist agency nila,nung time ni wilma galvnte maganda pamama lakad, nung nawala na si wilma ang pinalit mga cheap na dating mga secetary lang ano alam nila magno at rasonable lilibeth sa pag mamanage. worst ano alam ng isabg suzete doctolero na writer at kabit ng isang boss sa gma. come on.

    1. Asus, dami mong satsat as if close ka sa management ng GMA, pa name drop name drop ka pa para kunwari all-knowing! Che!

  7. well we can always ask Ben chan through his Instagram bcbench that we support aljur being bench’s underwear model

  8. sayang naman si aljur, wala namang mawawala sa kanya kahit naka underwear lang siya. Kahit mag t-back siya ok naman kasi maganda naman ang katawan nya. Dagdag points pa nga kung magpasexy siya. Nawalan tuloy ng raket.Hay Aljur! pinagjajakulan pa rin kita! kantutin mo ako aljur!

  9. Bakit ba sya nagiinarte? Ayan, nawalan tuloy sya ng trabaho. Hay, Aljur, huwag ka nang maarte at hindi ka naman kagalingan umarte.

  10. i can just imagine him in white skimpy briefs… the thin textile barely cocealing his huge erction… forget acting aljur.. go fer porn 😀

    * i bet he has a 10 incher :0*

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