Hot Men in the Philippines


You see him almost everyday in various states of undress. What’s another image of chunky Derrick Monasterio in tight underwear? You love him anyways, and we love his load, er, him loads anytime.

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    1. hoy bakulaw!! asikasuin mo yung demanda ni bea. purita ka na nga bakulaw ka pa! bwak bwak bwak

  1. Puro katawan lang xa di marunong umarte.mas nagclick pa loveteam nila elle taz kristoffer martin

  2. Reply to GNF – Akala ko, ba, _ucks…? So, what of those allegations Channel-7-actor-who-sits-at-the-Board-of-that-Fund-for-bit-players-in-the-entertainment-industry-&-now-alleged-to-be-‘bearding’-an-ex-of-a-Channel-2-actor ‘ was ‘widened’ by subject of post at a remote shoot/filming?

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