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With Pancho Magno as an endorser of the underwear company, I understand. He’s representing the look of the working class. Since Bench Body is an aspirational product, the company needed someone to connect with the masses. Pancho Magno fits the mold to a T[-back].
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  1. I don’t know why people keep criticizing Pancho’s look. If you don’t want him, then I’ll take him. He’s much sexier than most of the “men” in showbiz, including Bench’s other underwear models.

  2. kilala ko si pancho personally. may gf siya nun. ewan ko kung break na sila. wala ka kaming contact since nag artista na siya. tunay na lalaki yan si pancho

  3. masarap nga kainin to!!! nakakalibog sya dun sa my husband’s lover at nag boses nakakatigas ng burat! mukhang sarap pakantot dito gabi gabi bago matulog! ah shet!

  4. simply put, average looks lang cia tlaga… bordering on the you-know-type… taz medjo bilib maciado za burat nia, turn off un sa iba… sori sa fans nia pero in this business of looking good, pancho would easily qualify as hipon… ahihihihihi!!!

  5. Anonymous said…
    … TAZ medjo bilib

    Monday, 11 November, 2013

    So annoying jejemons using that word!

    haiyz. haist ,haysss

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