Hot Men in the Philippines

Tom Cat


The pièce de résistance in the back-to-school campaign of the local underwear brand is Tom Rodriguez, all beautiful legs, sturdy torso and a slight bump, er, bulge. Mr. Mott is taking center stage in Bench Body as one of the newest and more favored endorsers of the company’s underthings.

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  1. jeskelerrrrddd… he is gwapo and and all pero pang wholesome image tin gin ko sa kana.. UNTIL I SAW THIS…

  2. Ang alam ko hindi maliit ang etits niya at hindi rin naman sobrang jumbo. Basta satisfied kayo. Busog ika nga!

  3. nakakalorki ang wangkata at ang tarugs n bakat labs na labs ..imagine ko nakakubabaw sya sa aking hiyas..hihihi

  4. kapag lumilipat ng syete, sumisikat talaga. Kapag sa dos nalalaos o kaya pilit ang pagsikat kasi kumakabit sa beki, di va avelino. hehehe

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