Hot Men in the Philippines

Vintage Bench Buffet!

That’s Bench in China [four or three years ago, I think], where them models from the Philippines posed around the main model in that place, Peter Ho. Let’s see… Victor Basa was still young and innocent then, before he moved to Bench rival, Penshoppe. DJ Alvey aka Alvin Pulga was still starting out as a model [now, he’s a VJ for Channel V]. Big Brother alum Zanjoe Marudo and Jon Mullally were barely noticeable then. Luke Jickain and Rocky Salumbides were already sexy and top-model-material then as it is now. And, of course, the Big Bad Wolff aka Andrew Wolff was there too, handsome as ever. Other models too: Einar, Corey, CJ and Kenji. Now, that’s a real treat!
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  1. I consider this as the golden age of Bench. T’was the years before the advent of unfit models; and of tasteless mass-oriented design and cut of wardrobes.

    I miss this era. Bench could have gone par against Mossimo, Gap, Banana Republic if and only if they did not become uber commercially-centric, i.e., targeting the “masa”.

    Fashion should topple Business/Economics.

    Anyways, RD, more pics of Kenji Motoki 😉

  2. I LOVE GROUP PICTURES…reminds me of the classic William Higgins xxx flick “Class Reunion” (re-released on DVD)…Boys, next shot, drop your undies. hope RD post it.

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