Hot Men in the Philippines


Cut from the top 10 list were Benjamin Alves [left] and Vin Abrenica. Although they did not get included in the list, they somehow managed to get full-page features in the supplementary pages of this month’s Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s issue. Now, if only they’d be daring in the live Cosmo Bash this September!
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  1. That’s okay. The concept is so lame anyway. Nothing new, we see them half-naked that way on tv already. So why waste money for an issue that does not provide something else?

  2. may deserving pa ang dalawang toh kaysa dun sa ibang nasa centerfolds noh! ano bang criteria ng cosmo sa pagpili haller.

  3. I like Vin, too. He’s sexy in Misibis Bay. Ben should have been included in Cosmo mag top 10 instead od Sam Concepcion.

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