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Michael Sarmiento is a 22-year-old nursing graduate of the University of Pangasinan. When he is not busy in school and hospital duty, he is a freelance model in his native Pangasinan and nearby areas. Last summer he competed at the Mr. Ilocandia Bikini Open and he placed second-runner-up, besting the other contestants who came all the way from Metro Manila. Tall, fresh and sprightly, Michael Sarmiento has a bright future in modeling. Someone sign him up!

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  1. ako ang unang bibili sa lalaking to, 47 pesos ang palit ng aking dolyares kaya pwede ko syang patambling-tamblingin sa kama sa hptel ko, magkano ka? kaya kitang bayaran.

  2. fresh face, ang ganda ng ipen, may baby fats pang konti, at certified makatas to. for me, he is an ideal boylet.

  3. What an arrogant SOB! So what if you have dollars. My pounds will trump your freaking dollars any day. Show some respect because not every boy/man featured on this blog can be bought. My advise to you is to shove your dollars where the sun don’t shine. My cousin does not need it.

  4. The picture does not do him justice. Mataba pa sya nyan. Now slim and fit na sya. Nanalo sya last time sa Boaracay na Lee event. Kasi gwapo sya at photogenic.

  5. ay gusto ko sha maski anong sabihin ng iba jan! sarap sarap naman ng batang itu malaman laman at cute ng smile haaayst!

  6. Ang sexy naman. Pogi ang batang ito. Konting hasa pa sa gym and he will give Manila boys a run for their

  7. He’s a nice and intelligent guy. I should know, classmate ko sya during college days. Good luck on ur endeavors.

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